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  1. NA bad responsiveness

    I made a compromise that I set periodic tasks execution time to 100ms instead of 30ms.  NA seems a bit better now but it is not what I want. I think the top model should be the best also in responsiveness but it is not. (NB terminal is much faster). I also got some demo application made by Omron and  responsiveness is bad as well. I think that is something wrong with hardware... Thank you all for your help.
  2. NA bad responsiveness

    Thanks to all... I updated the Sysmac to 1.17 and this was not helpful, the same problem. All variables have 500ms update rate. I have changed update rate to lower and higher also but the result is always the same. I checked a task monitor. Primary task was set to 1ms and average task time was 0.6ms, task period has never been exceeded. I changed the task time to 4ms and that is the only thing that brought out some positive result. The  responsiveness  of NA is a bit better but still far away to be happy. What did you mean with Service time Berti Baker? Did you mean System service execution interval? I increased this interval and result was worse. The shorter is the interval, better is the responsiveness of NA.
  3. Hello. I have made a few applications on NA HMI and all of NA has really bad responsiveness which is really annoying. Switching between pages is slow and it is not always the same delay between the same pages. Also responsiveness of BOOL variables is slow sometimes.  I used to work with NS and NB HMI and there I have not had such problems. When I connect with my PC to PLC then responsiveness of NA become even worse. Has anyone had similar problems or could anyone tell me what is the problem? Thanks, Erik
  4. Graph of a CAM table

    If anyone is interested, I managed this. Points of CAM profile are known as "NameOf CamProfile".Distance and its REAL data type. I had to transfer it to DINT data type because of NA hmi. On NA is a BrokenLineGraph function. First you have to Add a DataGroup and a Sobrutine should be written. Its a bit complicated, I can explain in more details if someone is interested or need help.  
  5. Hello. I would like to display a graph of a CAM table on NA hmi.  Any ideas? Thanks, Erik