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  1. ICP DAS New PLC

    The ICP DAS WP-9421-CE7 has just been released. It is a compact (3U), rugged PAC that provides AM3354 ARM CPU, dual Gigabit Ethernet, two USB ports, VGA ports, SD card slot and redundant power input. Learn more:  
  2. Control panel pics/ new components

    Here're some touch panels with touch screen that we use to control lighting, audio, video and temperature control systems. They are installed on the wall or in the wall. Some control systems can mount on the wall or in a light switch type of outlet like TPD-433 touch screen PLC with RS-485 and Ethernet ports.  
  3. USB TO RS485 PC Adapter Installation

    Thanks for sharing. The module seems easy to install. It reminds me of the ICP DAS tM-7561 RS-485 to USB converter. Comes with drivers for Windows 7 (32/64-bit) / XP / Vista (32/64-bit) / and Linux systems. It's very cost-effective and easy to use as well.  
  4. Good converter from RS-232 to USB

    Hi Samsonn, I've used the I-7561U USB to RS-232 converter as well and it worked great so far. It supports Windows 8 and 8.1 and the price is okay compared with other brands.  
  5. HART communicates at 1200 bps without interrupting the 4-20mA analog network.  It allows a master application to get two or more digital updates per second from a smart device. If you need a HART to Modbus converter (RS-232/485/422), you can check this one out:  
  6. Temperature control is designed for productions that depend on temperature, such as furnace, food and so on. Here's a real life application of controlling temperatures of the retort and the container of the product: In this application, the SCADA software did PID adjustment and the users can read real time trends of the temperatures. Hope it can be a reference to you.