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  1. Socket UDP Send not working

    It wish it worked for me. When I bring up _sSOCKET Variable in Watch window Dst Port is set to 0 and Ip is null and I can not modify them either
  2. Sorry my friend. But for someone to do this would violate confidentiality agreements. Not to mention Auto manufacturers pay people to do these things and it is therefore there intellectual property! I can give you this! Your starting point is going to be based upon what Job You are going to be performing Example: I want to fasten six screws in sequential order and record that data. Then I need to decide first how I will set up a Database for recording data Then pass that Data as your product follows the assembly process Next workstation adds 4 screws and electronic device. You need barcode reader and record and compare data with part number needed How will you move your product on the assembly line ie.. Will you use mechanical stops our will you advance through the process with servo controlled system What Type of PLC gives best options needed Omron Nj and Siemens PLC have direct comms with SQL servers. Allen Bradley needs 3rd Party Kepware to Communicate with SQL Database. Will you be using RFID to track work stations as they travel on conveyor system. This is best practice so you don't use serial numbers until you have completed parts.
  3. Omron & Balluff

    KParker Kev EIP_on_OMRON.pdf  Can you send me a copy of this document. I have tried searching Internet for it and can't find it