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  1. Trouble Wiring a Simple LED with a Micro820 Controller

    Yes. I forgot to mention that I reduced the resistance to 1.2 kΩ and removed the resistor placed after the LED. That said, 10 kΩ was definitely way too much.
  2. Trouble Wiring a Simple LED with a Micro820 Controller

    1. Anode is wired on DC+ and cathode on DC-. So, I assume that the LED is wired correctly. 2. It's a really basic LED, so, based on a little research, I assumed that the LED needs from 1.5 V to 3.2 V on a 0.20 mA intensity. 3. Based on my calculation... Nevermind, the LED was fried, thank you !
  3. Hi everyone, Recently, I started working with the Micro820 Controller Embedded I/O. My project is simple : when the output _IO_EM_DO_00 is set to true, an LED light turns on. But, even though it's super simple, I can't make it work. Here's my setup. If you need more information, feel free to ask anything !
  4. Hi everyone ! I have a little project wich involves communication between two Micro820 controllers via TCP/IP. To do that, I started to work with TCP/IP socket. Within CCW (Connected Components Workbench), I tried to create a new socket instance using the instruction SOCKET_CREATE and set the socket address to Basically, my computer through the FTP port. The problem was that it couldn't create a new socket instance (error variable is set to TRUE and status is set to 4, wich I don't know the meaning) because I didn't have a server-side application that listens to TCP/IP socket requests. That said, I found an open source application called SocketTest that listens for TCP/IP socket requests on a specified IP address and port. So, I started a listener on the following address :, but the error variable is still set to TRUE and status is still set to 4. So, my questions are : Is my IP address OK ? Is my port number OK ? What means the status code 4 ? Is SocketTest doing what I think it does ? Do I need to do something else before using the SOCKET_CREATE instruction ? Thank you in advance for your help !
  5. Can't connect to Micro820 controller via CCW

    I upgraded from Windows 7 to a Windows 10 and it works fine now. Maybe the lastest version of CCW isn't completely compatible with Windows 7. Anyway, thank you !
  6. Hi everybody, Recently, I started working on a project. I want to develop a program for a Micro820 controller (2080-LC20-20AWB) using CCW (Connected Components Workbench). I built a little motor circuit for testing purpose. However, after building the program and downloading it to the controller, I tried to connect to my controller via CCW, but I can't. When I click the button "Connect", CWW crashes OR a window saying : "The controller has unnacepted changes" appears and asks me if I want to "Download current project to the controller" (wich I already did) or "Upload the project in the controller to overwrite current project content" (wich is grayed out). When I choose to "Download current project to the controller", CCW starts downloading the resource, but fails. In the "Output" window, there's a line saying : "Download failed for Device:Micro820: An error occured while reading from GETACTIVERESOURCELIST.". The problem is that there's no documentation at all concerning this error. I even tried to reinstall CCW, but it didn't fix the problem. I joined some images so you guys can see what I'm talking about. Don't mind asking for more details !