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  1. Hi, I have a few PowerFlex 400 drives and One of them is acting really weird. I set the speed setpoint to 13Hz but it can't go over 1 hz. It is beeping and it says it is accelerating in CCW but it is not going over 1 hz.  It is like a sine wave. Going up and going down and continue doing this. I compared the parameters with the other powerflex 400's but it is identical.. I think it is an electrical problem but I just want to post it here to know if anyone had same issue before. Thanks  Have a great weekend,
  2. @SSrikakolum The data type is strings. Change the data type to string and see if it works. 
  3. Skills on a resume..

    Thank you @pturmel
  4. Hi, I dont know if this is right place to ask, I will remove this post if this post is inappropriate. I am not too sure what to write down and how the format should be for skills on my resume. Can anyone tell me how the format should be? and please tell me if my resume looks okay? This is what i have for skills on my resume.. Technical Skills - PLC programming (Rockwell and Siemens) - HMI programming (Rockwell and Siemens) - VFD Programming (Rockwell and Siemens) - Modbus communication protocol Troubleshooting and Configuring - Knowledge of Microsoft SQL database Thank you in advance    
  5. Studio 5000 v28.03 password protect

    Thank you guys!
  6. SLC500 (rss) file to PDF file.

    @Mickey Thank you so much! 
  7. Hi, can someone help me with converting a .rss file to a pdf file?   Thank you in advance   ML1000_2024_01_07 - Copy.RSS
  8. Hi, Is it possible to secure a program with a password?  It is studio 5000 version 28.03. Thank you    
  9. Any safety PLC to replace PILZ plcs?

    Thank you for your replies.  I appreciate it. 
  10. How do I enter value into Dint tag?

    Thank you @Hati  
  11. How do I enter value into Dint tag?

    Hi, I created a tag(paul) as dint. I have paul.%x0 and paul.%x1 and I can not modify them (to make them on/off) is it possible to enter a value into the monitor value? if possible, I would like to put 3 into the monitor value to make the paul bits ON.        
  12. Hi guys, Our automated equipment is using PILZ PLC and we are trying to replace it. Is there any other safety PLC that can be replaced for the PILZ PLC? Thanks    
  13. Thank you @ElectronGuru !
  14. Hello, We replaced a motor so I decided to do the static auto tune by using CCW.  When I clicked "Finish" button at the end, I got a message "Failed to write a new value message - This parameter is only editable on the Identity Page." Is it because I opened a project with using discovery option?  Has anyone seen this error before? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you   Sinamics(G120) - F7800.pdf
  15. Set Project Path is not available

    @BobLfoot @Joe E. I turned off the PLC and replaced the cable. Now I can go online with the PLC :)  Thanks everyone who replied on this issue. This just made my day. Thanks again