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  1. Hello, We replaced a motor so I decided to do the static auto tune by using CCW.  When I clicked "Finish" button at the end, I got a message "Failed to write a new value message - This parameter is only editable on the Identity Page." Is it because I opened a project with using discovery option?  Has anyone seen this error before? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you   Sinamics(G120) - F7800.pdf
  2. Set Project Path is not available

    @BobLfoot @Joe E. I turned off the PLC and replaced the cable. Now I can go online with the PLC :)  Thanks everyone who replied on this issue. This just made my day. Thanks again 
  3. Set Project Path is not available

      @BobLfoot - Thank you Bob, I did it but no luck :(  @Joe E. - Thank you Joe, I will replace the cable and post it here how it went.
  4. Set Project Path is not available

    Hello guys,  I stopped and restarted RSLinx and found out something. The controller has the yellow question mark with a red X on it (unrecognized Device).  I guess this is why it was not working. I can still ping the IP address.  Thanks for the replies :)   
  5. Set Project Path is not available

    @Joe E. - Yes It does show up @alan_505 - thanks for the reply
  6. Set Project Path is not available

    yes, I can see the processor in RSLinx.  I never had this problem before.. Maybe I should connect my laptop to the processor to go online with it :(. 
  7. Set Project Path is not available

    Hi @Joe E.   I already have done it but same error comes up :( 
  8. Hi, I have an issue with going online with 1768-L45 ControlLogix (version19). Its "set project path" was set up before and i used to be able to go online with the controller. I tried to go online with the controller today and It did not let me and its "set project path" is greyed out. We do have a few of 1768-L45 controllers but only this controller is having the issue. I am able to ping the controller's IP address as well. Is there something i am missing here? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you :)  Regards,     
  9. Control/CompactLogix Day of the Week

    @pcmccartney1, I am glad it worked out for you :) 
  10. Control/CompactLogix Day of the Week

    Hi, I can send you L5X file for an "Add-On Instructions" to add if you need.  Once you add the L5X file and download the program, you can calculate the "day of the week".  1. Make an 7 array of dint, for my example I have "WallClockTime" This is to get current date & time 2. Make a tag with data type with DayOfweek_LD, for my example, I have "DayOfWeek" This is where you can get the number of week. 0 = Sunday 1 = Mon 2 = Tues 3 = Wed 4 = Thurs 5 = Fri 6 = Sat 3.  I hope this helps you out but if it does not make sense, please let me know. Thanks !    
  11. Thanks @Joe E. It is an existing project
  12. @BobLfoot All yes for the questions you asked.      
  13. Hello, Every time, I try to run simulation for my HMI, I am getting a warning "Unresoloved in the processor on route". HMI will not display any data.. I have attached pics of factorylinx communication. please let me know if you find something wrong. Thank you in advance   FYI FactoryTalk View Studio - version 10(CPR9 SR10) FactoryTalk ME - version 9    
  14. Will do!  @Otto Automation