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  1. Will do!  @Otto Automation
  2. Thank you for confirmation @Joe E. Thank you guys! This definitely helped me out   
  3. Thank you @alan_505, @Otto Automation.  
  4. @Joe E.RSlogix 5000's version is 20.05. If i downgrade my RSLOGIX5000 to version 19. Would it work with  1769-L32 CompactLogix 5332E Controller (revision 20.19) ? or do i need to downgrade cpu firmware as well?  
  5. Thank you @Joe E. It is 1769-L32 CompactLogix 5332E Controller (revision 20.19).  
  6. Hi, I am trying to create a module (cognex-dm260) in rslogix. I did install AOP and EDS files.  But i am getting error messages. I have attached them. It is running on OS window 10 pro. Does anyone know why I am getting the error messages? Thanks !    
  7. PowerFlex 755 - Static tune

    @BobLfoot - I don't remember if it was the same VFD. I think it has a high chance it could be the same VFD. @VFD Guy -The fault usually comes up during acceleration.
  8. PowerFlex 755 - Static tune

    I 100% agree with you @Joe E.. It will definitely come back since it is not fixed.  I will find a day to do the things you guys mentioned.  Thank you and have a good weekend 
  9. PowerFlex 755 - Static tune

    Hi guys, @ElectronGuru, @VFD Guy , @Joe E. I did not have time to try all the stuff you guys recommended because our plant cant be down right now. What I did was I lowered an output (speed reference) by 15% in PLC program and I stopped getting the alarm from the drive.   Thanks you guys for the replies   
  10. PowerFlex 755 - Static tune

    Thank you guys ! i will compare its parameters with another pump first. @ElectronGuru @Joe E.
  11. PowerFlex 755 - Static tune

    Hi @Joe E.No it is not a new installation. yes 4 drives are connected to 4 identical motors. All of sudden, getting a fault 12 (Hw overcurrent), so i thought doing the static tune would help.   
  12. PowerFlex 755 - Static tune

    Thank you for the reply @ElectronGuru, Since I am not changing a VFD or a motor, I guess I don't need to do static tune? 
  13. Hello guys There are 4 VFD and they are all set up the same way (same parameters). However, one of my VFD is having an issue with F12 (HW Overcurrent). I don't know why only one VFD is getting that fault.  I would like to do the "startup  wizard" in the CCW program to see if that helps. My question is what happens to the parameters when I do the "static tune" ?  and another question, is there a way to do only "static tune" without going thru all the steps in the startup wizard? Thanks in advance :)  
  14. Hi guys, I have 4 of PowerFlex 755 and one of the powerflex is weird. It can not reach the its command speed.  When its command speed is 60, it only produces 20. Has anyone had this issue before? Thanks