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  1. Hi guys, I have 4 of PowerFlex 755 and one of the powerflex is weird. It can not reach the its command speed.  When its command speed is 60, it only produces 20. Has anyone had this issue before? Thanks
  2. 1769-L33ER Banks of modules

    @pcmccartney1 Thank you sir !
  3. 1769-L33ER Banks of modules

    Hi guys, I was looking for how many slots I use for 1769-L33ER CPU and I found out " 16 1769 modules 2 banks of modules ".  When it says a bank of modules, what does it mean? does each bank need to have a power supply? and if it does need a power supply, do i need to count it as one slot?  Thanks guys !
  4. Fault Reset on powerflex

    Hello, There is a logic command for clear faults in the program. Would it do the exactly same as pushing the reset button key on the powerflex drive? I have attached pics so it's more clear. Thank you
  5. Max Frequency for VFD

    @ElectronGuru @panic mode Thank you for your reply :)
  6. Max Frequency for VFD

    Hi guys, When you program a vfd from scratch, how do you find your max frequency ? I have a schneider avitar 320 vfd in our manufacturer and it has 75hz for the max frequency. I am wondering where the max frequency (75hz) came from.. Thanks  
  7. Inhibit module

    It is 1769-CompactLogix FYI @BobLfoot    Thank you @ElectronGuru
  8. Inhibit module

    Hi If a module is inhibited, can I make configuration changes while the module is in the REM mode? or do I still need to put the module in the programmable mode before any configuration changes? Thanks  
  9. Hi guys, I am trying to use ControlFlash to downgrade a powerflex's firmware version. It is asking me if it is HP or LP. How do i know if it is LP or HP? Thanks  
  10. Hello guys, I am having an issue with 1756-L61 ControlLogix 5561. I just had a power outage and when i tried to go online, it says there is no program in the controller.  The controller's revision is 17.3 and its battery indicator is red. Does the controller lose its program when the batter goes low? Is there anything that i can do  here? Thank you for reading  
  11. PowerFlex 755 F12 (HW OverCurrent)

    Hello I have a few of powerflex 755 and a couple of them are getting F12. We did not get this fault before and all of sudden, we are getting it. Can anyone tell me why i am getting this fault? Thank you :)
  12. Can i send an email with 1768-ENBT/A ?

    Hi Pcmccartney1, you were right. I did not set it up right.  My primary and secondary server ip addresses were empty. Now, I am able to get an email :) Thank you for your replies.  
  13. Can i send an email with 1768-ENBT/A ?

    Hi pcmcccartney1, thank you for your reply. But in the manual, it says " Send an email initiated by a Logix controller via a MSG instruction" I guess, I can not send an email thru a compact controller unless I have a 1768-EWEB.  
  14. Hi guys, I have done sending an email with 1756-EN2T before. Does anyone know if i can do the same with 1768-ENBT/A ? This is what i found from a manual and i dont see 1768 modules here. Thanks for reading 
  15. PowerFlex 525 PID Feedback

    Hi guys, I hope everyone is staying safe from corona virus. I have a question about powerflex 525 pid feedback. I would like to know how a powerflex get pid feed back. I set P047 [Speed Reference] as 11 and  A464 as 40. I have attached a pic of it. Right now, I am getting 0 for the feedback. Any help, i will appreciate it