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  1. But how? In FTView ME I would go to RSLinx Enterprise/Communication Setup.  FTView SE (Local Station) has nothing of that sort...
  2. Hey guys,   I have worked on the FTView ME platform many of times.  I am now working on a FTView SE (Local Station) application, and I am having trouble connecting an Offline .ACD file to my program so that I can design.   If someone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks in advance!
  3. FactoryTalk SE - VB Script

    Thanks!  I think that both ideas are good.   We are planning to write a standalone VB application for our instance.    
  4. FactoryTalk SE - VB Script

    AndrewG, thanks for the insight!    I'm guessing I would need write a separate VB application to run behind the scenes while FTViewSE is running and doing its thing.  What do you think?
  5. Hey guys,   I am looking to query a database through FactoryTalk SE.  I will be scanning packages, and using that bar code to find a lane assignment from the database.     My question has to do with where the VB script will reside in the FactoryTalke SE program.  I want this script to run at all times.  I see that each screen has a "VBA Code" but I am assuming that these will only run when the screen is visible.   Where does this have to be stored in order to run all the time?   Thanks In Advance!
  6. L3 Serial Communication

    I am referring to the modern L33.  We are using ASCII Comm Card for serial communications, and will be communicating with an AIMs wms.  We plan to scan packages, send the tote number, and receive a lane assignment back.
  7. Hello,   I am looking for examples on using serial communication with a WMS inside Studio 5000.  Sample programs would be ideal. And I would like to get some information on what blocks need to be used. e.g. Send, and Receive   Thanks!
  8. Connecting Siemens S7-1200 to WMS

    I am curious as to how I can connect my Siemens PLC to a Warehouse Management System.    We will be scanning totes, from there taking the tote number and sending that to the WMS.  Then the WMS will send me back the desired lane number.   I don't know where to start on this task. Please help.    Thanks
  9. Need advice for sorting logic!

    Thank you BITS N BYTES. This is a very clever idea. I am going to try and use this technique in my program!  
  10. Need advice for sorting logic!

    The packages will actually merge together at the bottom of the page. Then after they merge they will be scanned and told which palletizing line they need to go to... 1,2,3, or 4. The jackpot line is for packages that could not get read. I'm trying to get some tips from an experienced programmer, on how this is most efficiently handled. I attached another image with arrows showing direction of flow.   Thanks. Sorting Conveyor Layout (1).pdf
  11. Hello, I am currently working on programming my first sortation system.  Attached is a blue print of the in feed conveyors and their loadout lines.  As boxes merge together they will be scanned by the barcode scanner.  From there we will be told which lane each box must go down, from the WCS.   My question is, without encoders, what would be the best way to control this system? Counting the packages as they pass through the photoeye? Or setting timers?   Thanks, James Sorting Conveyor Layout.pdf
  12. Hey guys,   I know this is a topic that has been discussed before, but I am having trouble finding exactly what I am looking for.. I want to know the most efficient way to record data from my PLC to an Excel file on my PC. I want this to be done without the use of the PLC's webserver.  Specifically I am trying to record vfd speed every 10seconds with a time and date stamp. How can I do this?   Thanks, James