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  1. KINCO HMI MTT4414T Password

    Hi all! I have KINCO HMI MTT4414T installed at water filtration by some Chinese vendor, but they did not provide us the password to upload HMI project. Please, let me know what can be done to upload the project and make necessary changes to HMI program.
  2. "This type of PLC is not supported", this is the error which appears when I try to connect cx programmer V9 to CJ2M-CPU11 using a USB (A type - B type) cable. Please help me resolving this error.
  3. The version is same. The same DCS computer (with unitypro) was used by vendor to configure the plc.
  4. By one PLC, I mean one station i.e. set of hot standby configured two PLCs; I can not extract project backup from both of the PLCs. If vendor has implemented some protection; please let me know how it is done, and if I get to know the password by contacting vendor, how do I use the password to access PLC. Also, please let me know, If I can't get the password (as vendor is out of my reach), is there any other alternate solution?
  5. No popups or any thing like that. I simply connect to PLC in unitypro XL over ethernet TCP/IP, but transfer project from plc option is not available, and I cant' even see the logic running in cpu. I will try to get more details and post them here for getting your help.
  6. Gentlemen, I am beginner in field of PLCs and I need some help to create backup of project / program running on PLCs installed at our project. We have a  Quantum Hot Standby PLCs ( 140 CPU 67160) installed at our water treatment plant; we connect to PLC via ethernet (TCP/IP) and I am preparing backup of these installed PLCs as vendor did not give us backup project files and provided little useful documentation.  The problem is that, I have transferred the project from all of the PLCs using UnityPro XL, but for one PLC, when I connect to it the "transfer from PLC" option is not available. I am hoping if someone could help me with that.