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  1. micrologix 1000

    When you download it , you will be asked if you want to put the plc in program mode and you OK it to do so before the download. Then after the download you will be asked to put the unit back into run mode and you click ok.
  2. Stepper motor and a 1100

    Thank you , Also is it set to an output but? Im not sure how the rung is written
  3. micrologix 1000

    You're seeing it in RSLinks and you can't connect?
  4. Stepper motor and a 1100

    Whats the best way to drive a stepper with a 1100 for just a forward movement and stop at a prox. Is there a way to use a Bit to move and stop? Sorry if Im confusing Im new to steppers Im using output pulse train 2 and 3 and I can move the motors when I put in the pulse count , I would like to know how to just run at a set speed with a direct bit until the bit is not made.
  5. Micro 1100 to a stepper

    JRoss ....A big thank you it works !!!! It was a jumper inside on the board.
  6. Micro 1100 to a stepper

    Thank you I will be back to tell you where this went. Im not sure if the jumper is correct Ill have to get deeper into it.
  7. Micro 1100 to a stepper

    I see it pulsing on the front panel of the 1100 and in RS logics. I also tried to wire to the on/off and it just makes the stepper hold position tight. One part of the scenario I forgot is I get 24v out of the AB Pulse. The drive takes a 5v or 24v source pulse according to anaheimautomation. I have a feeling that I was misinformed.
  8. Micro 1100 to a stepper

    Ross, Thank you for taking the time to respond. I used the same 0v to both ground on the stepper and -24v on the plc with still have no luck. Is that what you are asking or am I mistaken ? I also kept asking anaheimautomation if the 0v reference is internal to the Pulse. They take way to long to get back to me. When I was getting ready to buy I got responses fast. When the drives won't run its been 3 days and no response so far. I really want to have a good relationship with them it just seems they don't have the time to help me.
  9. Micro 1100 to a stepper

    Hello I was searching the internet and I came up with this forum. Im excited to be part of it as a newbe I have a question on a micro 1100 with pto outputs to a stepper drive. The drive I'm using is anaheimautomation MBC25081TB - Stepper Drivers with DC Input. I was told that the sourcing output of the 1100 would work fine with the clock input on the drive. this is how I wired the drive and this is how the drive looks. Im not even sure what Im doing I have the plc set up and see it pulsing but for the life of me I can't get the drive to move. Can you please tell me the errors of my ways. Im very new to this and its killing me trying to get this running.