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  1. Have been able to exchange data types of BOOL, INT,  DINT & REAL between Omron NJ/NX CPU with Allen Bradley Logix CPU's with Ethernet/IP using the CIPUCMMRead & CIPUCMMWrite instructions. I now have a need to exchange "STRING" variable types. Have tried varions string lengths in the NJ without sucsess. AB default string length is 82 & Omron 256 but I think the difference is the length headder that AB has with within their String Tag type. I know I could convert my strings to an array of bytes & sent them this way, but was looking for a solution to sent them as native strings. Hope someone out there has done this & can share their leg work? 
  2. Data Exchange between FX3GE PLC's with Ethernet

    Yes, sorry 1.499V
  3. Data Exchange between FX3GE PLC's with Ethernet

    Everything seems to work fine with 1.449V. Was even using 1.87R since the FX3GE first came out for several months till the latest upgrade & this version seemed ok too. Asked Mitsubishi here in Sydney & they said 1.449V is the latest version they have been given to distribute to date. I have managed to fine a work around using the GT-1450 HMI "Device Data Transfer" function. I would prefer to have this performed by the PLC's but it is very simple to set up & works, so till I can find a PLC solution this will have to do. Appreciate all the input.
  4. Data Exchange between FX3GE PLC's with Ethernet

    I am not sure why everyone is focusing on the software? Lets say I have the very latest of everything. How do I do it??
  5. Data Exchange between FX3GE PLC's with Ethernet

    1.449V Will this be possible with the hardware I have or will I need additional?
  6. Data Exchange between FX3GE PLC's with Ethernet

    GT Works 2 Ladder programming language.
  7. Hi, Have 3 FX3GE PLC's on a packaging line & was wanting to exchange some small blocks of word & bool data between them using the on-board Ethernet ports. Can't seem to find any documentation on how this is done. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers.