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  1. Flashing buttons

    Are you trying to do this all on HMI or along with a PLC program? If just HMI select the button, open the animation properties tab for said button and execute your expression. I hope this is what you are seeking. Good luck.
  2. The operator manual is located here:   http://www.eschneider.pl/download/04%20Automatyka%20przemyslowa/PLC%20sterowniki/M241_PLC_Modicon-Hardware_Guide_2014ENG.pdf and http://www.filkab.com/files/category_files/file_3079_bg.pdf From this last manual I found the following:  
  3. you might find more information on the PLC from the manuals provided by Schneider: https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/product-range-download/62129-logic-controller---modicon-m241/#tabs-top @saruans
  4. Mitsubishi Safety PLC

    If the fire and gas detection systems has dual wire discrete interface, you should be able to interconnect to safety RIO module. Your question is a bit broad. You might need to be more specific. What are you intending to connect. Does your detection system meet the IEC safety standards.
  5. Fx3s plc

    http://www.xlogic-plc.com/xLogic%20text%20panel(ELC-MD204)%20USER%20MANUAL.pdf Chapter 4.1 of the MD204L HMI manual gives you instructions on connecting to a Mitsubishi FX PLC
  6. Bit Transfer

    Gambit is correct. There is no instruction that will get three random bits in one word to transfer to another. The best would be using the Kn designation to move 4bits (minimum, 32 bits maximum at 4bit increments) at a time.  
  7. Fx3s

  8. Fx3s plc

  9. Way to go nline?

    How is the HMI connected to the FX unit. Is it a Mitsubishi HMI?
  10. FX3U-ENET-ADP Connection Problem

    Change the E-net ADP port to 5556. This should fix the routing. F.Y.I. If you had a SFM E-net module that module's port is typically 5551.
  11. HMI not recognized via PC

  12. HMI not recognized via PC

    @Ashes a basic question for you: Have you installed the GS Installer.exe?
  13. @bakkerfrits I used the search engine (after sign in) and this resulted: Unfortunately without signing in the search area is limited:
  14. @bakkerfrits Go to the Mitsubishi website: https://us.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en   On the upper right hand you will see a Sign In and My Mitsubishi link. in order to go to the My Mitsubishi link sign in (create a user's account, free and no obligation required): Once in the My Mitsubishi link (only available after signing in) you can find these documents two ways. Under the the Knowledge base or placing the product number (the number provided in my previous post) in the search engine in the upper right corner:   Hope this helps.  
  15. Mitsubishi came out with a tech bulletin on this (R72-141-SLSASG-007). It is available on their website but here is the copy I have downloaded:   TB - iQ Works Navigator Exporting GXW2 Project Procedure.pdf
  16. GX works 2 line statements

    You are limited to 64 characters per line statement but not limited to amount of line statements before a rung of logic. You can add another line statement when the previous one is saturated.

    I will take a look but connect to the attached link for the manual on how to create function blocks in GX Developer. (if you do not have one yet you will have to create a login for the site - it's free): https://us.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en/support/technical-support/knowledge-base/getdocument/?docid=3E26SJWH3ZZR-41-11181   Also, in your logic what is the Special Function Module located in K0? (SFM#0)?

    @kaykay79 a suggestion. The first three rungs can be modified to the sample below. This provides the same operation and saves memory space.

      What is this logic exactly. I see some writing and reading from a special function module, then some population of registers but I do not see the end result. Is there rungs yet to be shown?
  20. GX Works 2 Read program issue

    Check your target memory. Your program may be stored in a memory card instead. You are looking for a Program file.
  21. GS2107

    see your other post for the answers
  22. GS2107

    GT Designer3 does not automatically support the GS Series when you install GTD3 software.   You will need to run the GS Installer.exe file located in the Disk1\TOOL\GS directory of the GTWorks3 installation Disks to have full GS21 support.
  23. sun

    What is your question Rahul?  
  24. help with mitsubishi plc

    Try this FX3G users manual: https://us.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en/support/technical-support/knowledge-base/getdocument/?docid=3E26SJWH3ZZR-41-8463 The site will ask you to log in, create an account. It's free. This site also has online tutorials to help understand Mitsubishi programming.  
  25. Beginner Mk2.

    Nice work Mitsm83. I like your process. The online training courses are awesome. Japan has recently attempted to make them less "boring" . Click the tablet link on the beginner FA course selection, you can run the training course on your tablet or phone. Good luck Neil.