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  1. 2x NB7WTW00B 1x RS232 ?

    I know this isn't right, but with that said: Would it be posible to connect 2x  NB7 HMI's to the same RS232 cable from a CP1E-N  PLC in any way? The PLC controls a boiler and heating system on the other side of my property and it would be convenient to be able  to monitor the system in the house by using a RS232 extender instead of walk over to the other facility. One of them would be used as normal and one of them might only be used for viewing info. Are there anyone with experience in this? I can't be the first one needing 2x NB HMI's to one PLC    Thanks in advance !
  2. CP1E-N40 + CP1W-TS102

    Hi everyone! Problem solved!  Today i brought my PLC with me to another office and prepared to contact Omron support. Connected everything and powered up, and suddenly it worked perfectly without doing any changes...... I was crestfallen..... This is the worst thing I know.  I have to be able to rely on this PLC that means I have to locate the problem and now it was gone.... I called the support as I had contacted one specific guy by mail with this matter earlier and he was waiting. Explained the situation and he checked by Teamviewer and we came to the conclusion that it was hard to do anything else than let it be.  Stuffed everything back in the box and took it back to the workshop. Powered up and guess what, problem is back and there are no values to read again.  Didn't know if i should be mad or happy, but i decided to be happy and started ruling out the potential culprits and  It took me less than 1 minute to go through what was different now  compared to the other situation when it works,  and I ended up changing out the power supply which was left in place before. Problem solved. Values back. It was the powesupply that caused me this problem!  Obviously there is something wrong with the Power supply but it provides the right 24VDC when measuring, so I guess the problem is  the quality of the power combined with a very sensitive expansion unit. Well I am not all that familiar with the english technical terms (I'm from Sweden) but "electrical ripple and harmonics" or such things might be the term I'm after. Well, it works beautifully ever since and the old powersupply is in the bin. Thanks to everyone involved here for taking your time to help me!
  3. CP1E-N40 + CP1W-TS102

    I have done that now, while waiting. No difference.  Switched places for all 3 wires of first sensor, no luck.
  4. CP1E-N40 + CP1W-TS102

    I will do my wiring explanation by both words and some pictures..... I have all 4 sensors hooked up to the TS102. I measured the sensor wires to make a desicion which wire is which. yellow-green is not the sensor output was my decision, so I went for the red one as output and green -yellow as "loop" wires. Here's some pictures of how I measured and how I connected them.
  5. CP1E-N40 + CP1W-TS102

    I get 7FFFhex  in all four CIO2, 3, 4, 5 and they never change, thats just it. They are static. 7FFFhex and &32767 PT100 sensors seems OK when measuring ohm's. TS102 dipswitch set to OFF - OFF  rotary switch  set to 0   Anything else you need, let me know. Thanks! // Arrowsmith74
  6. CP1E-N40 + CP1W-TS102

    Hi ! I have a question regarding the handling of the signal from the TS102 connected to my PLC.   I downloaded a .pdf  LINKED from "my omron", read it and put together a small program just to test the expansion unit and sensors. But I cant get any readings from the sensors and can't figure out why. I have never used a TS102 expansion unit before and would be glad if someone have an idea of what I'm doing wrong. Everything is brand new, so I'm quite sure I am the problem here..... If someone have an answer and maybe even an programming example to upload I would really appreciate it. Best Regards!  PT100 sensor test 3.cxp
  7. CP1E + CP1W-AD41

    Thanks Sparky ! You were absolute right, now it's working perfectly ! An easy fix but most troublesome for a noob, this wasn't clearly enough explained for me in the manuals i downloaded. It would probably have taking me ages to solve. Thanks again ! Best regards from Sweden !!
  8. CP1E + CP1W-AD41

    Hi ! I have a question regarding the handling of the signal from the AD041 connected to my PLC. The resolution of the AD041 is 1/6000 and would be reaching from 0000 - 1770 HEX regarding to the manual. In my setup I'm using ultrasonic measuring with a 0-10V output connected to the AD041, and I have measured and confirmed the voltage at the input of my device and have the full reading from 0-10V there. I'm new to the handling of analogue signals and would be glad if someone have an idea of what I'm doing wrong, because all I can see is a signal span of 0-17 Hex (decimal 23) between 0-10V in my CX Programmer. If someone have an answer and maybe even an programming example to upload I would really appreciate it. Best Regards! picture: CXP-file analogtest small.cxp