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    Hi everyone, I'm using a PLC CP1E NA20 in a projet where I need to communicate some DMs to a unknown MASTER in a Modbus RTU 485 Network. What you think is the best approach for this?? I already have a CP1W optional board for 485 communication.
  2. Recipes using NB HMI + CP1

    Thank you everybody. I also find valuable examples at I wish it were in English !!
  3. Hi everybody, I ve been looking for information surfing on the omron website and other related sites, and after two days trying to get some samples or information about recipes or data allocation management a bit more beyond the short paragraphs of the product manual operation I have nothing. I'm improving an application for a portable industrial equipment that requires store data and transfer it to a PC for reports generation. NB-Designer software comes with an application called Recipe Editor which seems to be a good resource for working with recipes, but there is no information at all. Whats more it doesn't appear on google!! Please if someone knows where can I find information please let me know. Regards,