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  1. real to integer number

    How i can do this on mitsubishi fx-1n CPU which do not support INT instruction ??
  2. ifix 5.5 to SAP integration

    Hi Friends,   Iam new to ifix Scada and need to Integrate ifix to ERP System (SAP). Can anyone help me with reference,example or some else that help to me. thanks 
  3. Yokogawa FA-M3

    Need yokogawa programming software for F3SP28-3S cpu..Plz share
  4. thanx for reply, but there is no such information i have attach the manual copy. there are two models in autonics Md2u series "md2u-md20" and "md2u-id20", In "md2u-md20" there are dip switches for resolution and angle but i have "md2u-id20" in which there dip switches only for rpm. MD2U.pdf
  5. I have a 2 phase stepper motor of autonics make ak2m243 and autonics drive md2u-id20, i want to rotate motor at a angle of 90 how can i do this there is no any information on its manual, Could any one help me for this thanx a lot.....
  6. EZ Series Touch Panel

    i have EZ Series Touch Panel i want to upload the program to modify it and download and for that i need Software plz help...