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  1. Have anyone tried to communicate from Schneider M340 til Allan Bradley Powerflex 753 over Ethernet/IP With help of EDS file provided from Rockwell? The read is going ok. But it seems like I can not Write to converter.
  2. If you start the Driver manager. Check where you choose comport number if it says ready at the port. Then your cable is ok. But is it possible to use a standard ethernet patch? I think this is not ok. You shoud have a modbus cable. Only pin 4 and 5 connected. Pin to pin. Pin 8 for ground. You have set the communication parameters correct? You choose this with the wheels on the modul. And the adress..  
  3. Hi. This is how PLC programming works. Your bit is not set to 0 since it is nothing to set it to 0. When leaving your step nothing here is read.   To use it like you want to you can use Set when you enter the step and reset when you leave the step. You also have the possibility to reperence to the step in other programs. (%Xi, %Xi.j)   Rune
  4. It was a bit difficult to understand what you use. But if you try to use a standard USb to RS232 converter this will not work. You have to use the one sold by schneider electric. TSXCUSB485. For this you also need a driver and a cable from this to the PLC. Minidin--RJ45.
  5. This is correct But also the number field have to be unique on all your IO devices.
  6. You have to create different IO devices for each controller you want to communicate with. All modbus slaved should have different modbus adress. After you have one controller up and running go to project editor Communication and I/O devices. Take the one who is working and make changes to adress field. The number and Name also have to be unique. Press Add. Do this with all your controllers.
  7. You have to use computer with Xtel on it.. But first try to set input 0,0. Many programeres used this input for Stop/Start R
  8. It is no memory cartridge on this photo.. But your problem is that the cover over where to put memory cartridge is not in place. Turn off power and push the cover back in. Repower. I'am not sure if this CPU maybe deletes its program when the cover is removed. Some did. R
  9. If you set the timescan for mast task to periodic it is always the same. Then you can take this time and substract fro your preset value. If 20ms cycle and only one read it will be 80 instead of 100. Follow my thinking?
  10. If you use a timer with 10ms tb and 100 preset it will as you say be 1 sec. But if you use the same signal for restarting the timer you use first one propramscan to reset the timer and one cycle to start the timer again. I don't know how you have made this. But if you du like this you have to remove cycletime*numbers of cycles you use from your preset time..
  11. The problem is not the timer who is not accurate. It is the way you pick up the signal afterwards who is the problem. Yes you can do the same I suggested in Fast to get a lower timebase if you make the timer yourself. But you need to adress the way you pick ut the sinals. (How many programscans you use and add this values also)
  12. The %S6 bit is quite accurate. But it goes al the time so if you just use it for som time it will not be correct. Then you can make your own timer if you set cycletime to periodic anf f.eks 20ms. Then you can add 1 for each cycle and you know this is 20ms (50 cycles and you have one second) Or you can use timers with 10ms timebase. Also quite accurate (+-10ms undependant of time present)
  13. The adress in program is %IW0.X.Y.0 where X is position of card in the rack and y is channel connected on the card. So if you have one rack and the card is positioned in slot 2 and you connect chennel 0 the adress is %IW0.2.0.0
  14. Megalis HMIGTO5310 IP Address

    Is it a new panel?? Then it should come up a startup page where you can press network to go to adress settings.
  15. If you press 2 corners on startup you shoul go to configuration. This is default for the panel. Can be changed by programmer.. If you have the backup og the system you can make a button and use it to open system page.