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  1. All, I am using Keyence CV-X422A vision controller for my application. It is interfaced with Siemens S7-1500 PLC on PROFINET. I am able to communicate with Vision controller through PLC logic command and status IOs. There is some communication issue in updating the o/p values from Camera Controller. I have tried with & w/o Handshake Mode with these settings. The camera display shows the reject but camera never turns ON the NG Status o/p. I tried different things told by Keyence Tech support but none of them worked.  He told me to have you enable the “Result ACK Flag” in the bit allocation area and send  a signal to it. Then trigger it again with a no good part and see if that fixes the issue. I tried setting the “Result ACK Flag” to 1 after I get the “Command Complete Flag” for the trigger signal that I sent. Sometimes this works but still it is not reliable. Do I need to send only a pulse to “Result ACK Flag”? Anyone here has ever faced similar issue?  Thanks for your help. AP
  2. Mitsubishi BIN instruction

    Hello friends, I am using BIN instruction to convert the digital inputs from DI module (16 CH) to PLC data register D100. Initially upto 127 or sometimes 255 it doesn't give me error. After this cont suddenly PLC goes into the Fault Mode and I cannot get the count. PLC error code is 4100 which is input data > 9999. But count on input is less than 9999. I am reading the data from energy monitor which sometimes gives u fast counts. Is this issue related to IO module scan time? i m using BIN K4XC0 D100 instruction continously enabled to map the reading to data register and perform other calculations. Thanks, Ashish
  3. QJ71MT91 communication with Ignition Scada

    ok thanx for reply i checked with Modbus Poll software. I am trying to read D13000 in this software and i checked the ping operation it is connected to PLC. But on Modbus Poll it is giving me error. Even I am only reading one word. In my software the address starts from 0.
  4. QJ71MT91 communication with Ignition Scada

    I have checked module setting and as I want to use this module as slave only i need to define on Modbus® Device Assignment parameter. I am reading D13000 to D15100 and D15100 to D32000 registers. I have enabled file setting in PLC Parameter menu PLC File.
  5. QJ71MT91 communication with Ignition Scada

    the error code is 7383H . Yeah I am can view PLC tags in the OPC browser on Linux PC.
  6. Hello all, I am trying to communicate with my Ignition SCada which runs on Linux machine. I want read and write PLC data registers from Ignition scada. I have used manual for QJ71MT91 by mitsubishi and configured as per instructions. I am accessing D13000 to D15100 and D15100 to d25000 data registers . When i connect PLC to linux machine the QJ71MT91 gives me COmm Err. LED gets ON. I dont know why is this happening since I have done configuration as per manual Please help Thanks Ashish
  7. Hi, One of my customer wants to use multi montiors in his project but requirement is that the same application should be open multiple times on different monitors in runtime mode. Can anyone tell me is this possible in Wonderware Intouch SCADA , if yes please let me know how to configuration in WinCC its possible. Please share your thoughtd and experience. Thanks"
  8. GT Designer 3 Recipe data types

    Hi all, can anybody tell me how to set real data type for a variable in Advanced recipe function of GT Designer 3? thanx in advace
  9. GT Designer 3 user security

  10. GT Designer 3 user security

    hi admin \ thanx for info but when we need to assign control to screens or buttons ? i mean to say if we hv to create users after downloading the OS in GT16/15? how can we access user info in our development version and assign different controls to users? waiting for ur reply!!!
  11. GT Designer 3 user security

    hi ross In GT Designer 3 they have mentioned that for GT16 HMI we can set opeartor name & password with Extended function OS. DO you any idea about it? Please let me know if u hv done this in GT 16
  12. GT Designer 3 user security

    thanx ross
  13. GT Designer 3 user security

    hello all can anybody guide about how to get current user name in GT Designer 3 software? Thanks in advance
  14. GT Designer 3

  15. GT Designer 3

    hi can we do it in GOT Soft1000 platform ? I want to run application and have my database on same computer? is it possible with GT Designer 3?