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  1. so instead of Calling the file .txt in my citect setup, I name it .csv and it could work? Sounds to easy, Any other feedback? I will ofcourse try,  
  2. Hi, I just want to log data or save tags in generated excel/csv log files, how do I do this? are there any guides for a dummy? I succed easilly with txt and rtf docs but not excel/csv, Any tutoriols or guides?
  3. Thank you for your reply, I am not that experienced in this. I know how to do events, functions and run it the way I have but that is about it, is it possible for you to do a little example? (I can easily read up on the SleepMS and the TaskNew in the manual but how exactly to use them?)
  4. Hi, I have a function that is handling peer to peer plc Communication, I am updating my function through an event which updates once per second, is there any way to do this faster than once per second? In the manual, the example only shows 00:00:01 as the fastest option,
  5. 1ms Timer in GXWorks2 ?

    I am using the FX3U, same plc hardware as when I used the T269 when i simple mode,
  6. 1ms Timer in GXWorks2 ?

    Hi, I am working on converting a GXWorks2 simple project into a structured project; In the simple project, T269 is used wich is a 1ms timer according to the manual but when I tried to find its counterpart function in structured mode all I could find was a 10ms and a 100ms version, what timer is the same as T269? What function is it that I should use? Rather new to using structured project mode but are getting there,
  7. Hi, I am trying to add standard scroll to a pop up page that is smaller than the content of it so I can view all information that is in the page, some time ago I think I removed this in the citect.ini file but now I cant find were to set it back again when I need it. I am using the "WinNewAt" function and I have the "Allow vertscroll" and "Allow horizscroll" enabled in the ini file but I cant get it to work! WinNewAt("XXXXXXX",515,70,2) Could someone help me out and telling me how to get the scrolling back so I can view the whole page from a small popup? (Using Citect SCADA HMI 7.20)
  8. Thanks Crossbow! Dosnt look to complicated to do,
  9. Hi, I am having a hard time to find the correct manual that describes how to setup peer to peer communication between FX plc´s using FX3U-ENET modules, What I wanna do is to copy bit and register values beteen plcs through a network. I have used this module before but never plc to plc. If someone could point me in the right direction of what manual to look at I would appretiate it a lot.
  10. Hi Am am working with Citect scada hmi 7.20, have made a few projects, not skilled in cicode or that advanced but learning! What I am trying to do is a drop down menu with selectable values, for example if I would to press on a decimal number in running mode, I would like drop down menu to appear with selectable numbers 1 to 10 and depending on which I select, I want that value to be written to the tag I am using or if I press a button, I would like a list to appear with a number of different selections that I have made, either they will activate a bit or write a value to an word, I have tried to find out how to do this by reading the manual but I am getting stuck when reading about how to do a form and write to a string and that is not entirely what I want to do here. Would appreciate any help or pointers, Edit: I have tryed this but cant get it to work; FormNew("Recipe",30,5,0); FormInput(2,3,"Recipe",test2,20); FormRead(0); From what I can se, I need to use an "Cicode variabel" for "test2", how do i make an Cicode variabel?
  11. Alarm save file at start up

    Got this problem on an application with citect 7.20. Would it solve the issue to restore the project?
  12. How to Calculate scan time?

    I want to know the theoretical scan time, the reason is I am not in the same country as the PLC/Machine in question, I did change the program to fit an FX3G and I have read the D8010 and get the value "5" so I assume that means 0,5ms? But I would like to know the theoretical scan time for the FX3U, and was wondering if ther is any way to calculate that?
  13. How to Calculate scan time?

    Hi, I have tryed to calculate the scan time for a program written in GXWorks2 with 3220 steps on an Mitsubishi FX3U-16MT-DSS plc and I get it to 0,5ms somehow I doubt this is correct, I have tryed to search the manuals but I dont get it I think, I think the I/O´s are not added to the 0,5ms or I am completely wrong here. If anyone could help me with a formual for how to calculate this, I would be very happy,