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  1. Programing cable for Hmi Proface

    My apologies Omron if my reply didn't sound nice to you. Can I ask why you have to look for a programming cable, as such cables should be off-the-shelf stuff you can easily buy from the supplier?
  2. Programing cable for Hmi Proface

    Not sure what you're asking. You found the cable but not sure if it works? Well simply hook up the Proface HMI with the computer using that cable then you'll know.
  3. RSLogix 5000/RSNetworx Installation Question

    Thanks for the info Steve. Are you saying that after the grace period, just the Network Health Monitor will not be able to work or the RSNetworx? the Network Monitor stuff sounds like some diagnostic tool which I don't really need. Just hope it doesn't affect my use of RSNetworx.
  4. I recently installed an RSLogix 5000 Pro on my computer, and the RSNetworx (controlNet, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet) comes with the software. The installation went smooth and activation for RSLogix 5000 was successful. However when I opened any (Controlnet, EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet) of the RSNetworx, I got an error message that reads "The Network Health Monitor has not been successfully activated and it is currently operating in a grace period. You will not be able to restart your software once the grace period expires". I just have no idea of what this Network Health Monitor is and how to activate it. Any suggestions will be appreciated!
  5. My FTView is 6.0 (CPR 9 SR 3) and version of RSLogix 5000 is V19.01 (CPR 9 SR 3). RA guy told me V21 is coming late this year. Yes had to manually refresh the folders every time make changes to the tags - had thought I should see them once they are imported. Thanks a lot Ken and have a nice weekend!
  6. Thanks very much Ken for yoru response. No I could not see any folders with the program names in the Tag Browser - all I can see are the tags contained in Controller Tags. Thanks again for your help!
  7. I tried to import offline tags created in RSLogix 5000 to FT View ME. Basically what I did was create a shortcut using the RSLinx Enterprise in my FT View ME designating the ACD file I need to use. When this was done, I could see the offline tags in the Tag Browser. However, all I can find are the tags contained in Controller Tags of the ACD program. But I need to use the program tags contained in different task routines for my HMI displays. Please can somebody figure out a way for me so that I can find the program tags in the task routines as well? Your help is much appreciated!!!