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  1. B&R PS465

    Hi, I can not exactly follow what is the plan Given what you let us know I guess your plan is full of troubles. What exactly did happen? Is the system not booting anymore? I also dont know any Linux with KDE System of B&R. Can you give a list of modules that are inside of the rack. Do you want to tell the name of the italian company and the type of machine? I can not imagine that the machine was 'alive' 15 years with no loss of power. And once the power is gone, the machine brakes? Maybe you just need to replace some modules? Just my thoughts. BR BB
  2. Uploading from B&R 4P3040.01-K15

    Hello, please follow the link in the signature or search the english icon at, there you find an english version. BR BB
  3. Uploading from B&R 4P3040.01-K15

    Hi, you have to see that there are two different things a) upload source from target, see previous posting - and of course this only works if the source is on the target. b) upload the .br module, this is only for backup reason -- for a): after uploading you can modify the source code (I guess all the project needs to be loaded, not single modules without the context of the project). You can do whatever you want, you need the Automation Studio for b): you can only upload the compiled module. you can not change anything on the module. This only makes sense in case you upload all modules for donwloading all in case of a panel damage or alike. I was assuming that we are discussion b). If yes, I dont know why you can not upload it (because you definitely dont need the source code for uploading the .br module)., Anyhow, I can suggest again (and the last time) that you can try PLTrend or try again PVITransfer. Good luck and good bye. BR BB
  4. Uploading from B&R 4P3040.01-K15

    Hi there, I dont have this version of AS available, but I guess you have to click on the '+' symbol in front of the Cyclic# entries of the target. Than you should find a list of available modules. than right click one module, there should be a command 'Online' --> load from target. BR BB
  5. Uploading from B&R 4P3040.01-K15

    Hi, I was talking about PLTrend (, there you can find PLC functions from the left button the 16th button (blue symbol with classes). You find an entry in the menue 'module upload / delete'. It will show you a list of all installed modules. Select the ones you need and press upload. they are stored in C:\PLTrigger\ModulPath In automation studio you can also try to double click the line "4P3040.....", it will open the module list. Change to monitor mode (Ctrl-M) and you should see the list of modules on the system. Never did it, I think you need to select each of them and upload it. I can not test it now. BR BB
  6. B&R 2005 convert to X20 platform

    Hi there, how did this work out? Could you manage to convert in a good way? Thx BR BB
  7. How to download B&R PLC CP474 programming?

    Hi there, this is not so easy as you may think. I suggest you download PLTrend, there you can select all modules on the PLC-function, upload modules. But - once you need to download it to a PLC this may be complicate, because the PLC firmware will have a part of the modules on board, so how do you know if you can overload it? also, variables you can not store in the backup. datamodules yes.... but if you feel better doing the backup - it should be not too complicate.... the cable: it is the following wiring diagram valid 2 -- 3 3 -- 2 5 -- 5 BR BB
  8. B&R plc, motion control, CNC

    Hi there, sorry no big help, can you consult the help system on it ? detailed info can be obtained from the FB MC_ReadAxisError(..). Maybe you can see what is the problem on the details. Also; the NC part seems to work as you inform, so you should check out the CNC configuration. BR BB
  9. Uploading from B&R 4P3040.01-K15

    Hi there, this module does not exist on the PLC. Why do you think this module exists ? I suggest you donwload PLTrend, go to PLC functions and use upload module. There you find the list of modules on the PLC, can select the ones you want to upload and upload it.... BR BB
  10. Hi Maverick, thank you for clarifying this situation. BR BB
  11. Hello, see attached pdf for some theoretical timing values. I was assuming a request takes maybe 6 Byte, an answer maybe 10 Byte. So, depending on the baudrate you can configure you have 'pure' traffic time to transfer the requests and answers. I think you may have a chance to achieve the goal when you can design a structure where you query all 9 devices at once. than you will receive the answers one by one. so: not query one, wait for answer, query next, wait for answer, .... but: query, query, query, ..... query last, wait for answers. I can well imagine it works. BR BB Mappe1.pdf
  12. ModBus with B&R Automation V 3.081

    Hello ! OK - I agree with you and also think this is normal - as mentioned : Port 11159 is for INA Protocoll... (and thus the AS) And Port 502 is defined by the FUB... for the external software. My confiusion at the moment is What was finally wrong in your settings ? What did you change since the first post ? Just to add another information: on a project I am using Modbus RTU FUBs and I did not activate Modbus in the arconfig settings as I handle all modbus matters with the FUBs. br bb
  13. B&R CP70

    Hi Snegi, how could you manage to stuck with this one ? I was working earlier with CP60 and CP80 - I dont know CP70 but I guess it is just the thing in the middle. You need a software called "PROSYS". That software will run under DOS Mode only and it will need an early days Windows as host for DOS. I am not sure, but I think XP already does not work anymore. But that is not all: you need also a special Online Adapter. There was one for the parallel port and another one for the serial ? Not sure about that either. It is simply to long ago. I was checking in a German forum and people could organize some stuff from the B&R Headquater (Eggelsberg, Austria, see Homepage). Maybe it is better to get in contact with support in Austria for Documentation and so on... Once you can manage to go Online you can do an upload - but dont expect nothing, everything will be displayed as STL (statement list) without any comments. Labels for jump and so on will be 4 letters. Ladder diagrams are all converted to STL br bb
  14. ModBus with B&R Automation V 3.081

    Hi donbinno! congratiolations On your post with the Screenshots I was already thinking strange about the fact that you have activated Modbus in the arconfig. Because I thought the FUBs handle all Modbus matters. It seems not and I am confused also. If you have set 11159 in the PLC this is for Automation Studio I would guess. I agree that you need 502 in the external Software and 502 in the PLC . I am confused with this mixture of coniguration (FUBs, arconfig). More important is that it works !! EDIT: My guess after looking again at the screenshot that you have changed in the external software the Portnumber to 11159 ? Correct ? If yes, this is definitively wrong as this parameter is set for the INA communication which is used by PVI (Automation Studio, ...) After changing back to 502 it is working ? All good br bb
  15. ModBus with B&R Automation V 3.081

    Hello, can you tell me what happend that this configuration does not work anymore? I mean - this was working before and from one moment to the next: nada ? Was there something replaced, updated or anything else happen to this equipment ? The status of the Open seems OK and it also gets an Identifier. ... About the arconfig I can not tell you nothing as I never was working with this equipment before... To me it seems you are sniffing with wireshark the data between Automation Studio and the MP. You need to use a Hub , connect the MP and the oder PC (where the Software is executed) via Hub and connect also your Laptop to the Hub. Dont start the Automation Studio. Than you should be able to see the Telegrams from the other PC direction MP. Did you check for LOG files on the other PC ? Did you check the Error-Log on the MP, maybe there is some records about wrong data or so... ? Good luck br bb