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  1. B & R PLC Error 23 Troubleshooting

    I think you can download a trial version on their website
  2. Hi I have a big issue with machine user access using loggin and password. There are different levels of login (operator, maintenance and admin) locked with physical key or password. The problem is that whenever any other user sees the password or got the key he can use it later. Is there another efficient way to lock the access and may be record who is logged when and how? Thanks  
  3. Hi 1- How can I identify a disable x20 module (in physical view) cyclically ? I am looking for a funation block who can do that because I want to use the 'Module Ok' status of x20 module to check if their presence. Problem is 'module Ok' status is the same for module missing or disable. 2- Could I disable a module using fonction block? (FYI I already know the right click in physical view). Thanks  
  4. Uploading from B&R 4P3040.01-K15

    Sparky, You can upload module from target only if you have saved the project on target before. I don't have Automation Studio 3.7 but 3.8 or higher so i don't know if you can do following instructions with AS3.7 1-Saving project on target: Go to configuration view Right click on the CPU-->properties-->Sources Check the case 'save project source on the target' 2-You can transfer the project to the target or create a compact flash 3-Uploading saved project from target File--> Load/open project from target Or In monitoring mode, in the software configuration where you were, right click on the module then click online --> load from target
  5. ModBus with B&R Automation V 3.081

    hello Can you please have a look at my two last topics? may be you will help me Thanks!
  6. ModBus with B&R Automation V 3.081

    well i'm going to do that too
  7. ModBus with B&R Automation V 3.081

    Hello! No i didn't. what i did and that worked is --> Sofware port number: 502 and AS port number: 11159 In addition i have noticed something (which is normal according to me): For those settings: sofware port number: 502 and AS port number: 502--> communication btween AS and the plc didn't work but the communication btween sofware and the plc did work. sofware port number: 502 and AS port number: 11159--> communication btween AS and the plc did work and the communication btween sofware and the plc did work too.
  8. ModBus with B&R Automation V 3.081

    The sofware is also on my laptop that is why i was using wireshark to sniff the TG btween the plc and the sofware Anyway it is working now!!!. i noticed that in the arconfig the port number of online communication is 11159 but for modbus communication it should be 502. So i set 502 in the software and 11159 in the plc. ..i can see all the measures with the sofware now and the FUBs exchange ident and i can see the data in the holding registers.. i can't really explain that correctly ^^.. how can you interpret my port setting?? :) br bb
  9. ModBus with B&R Automation V 3.081

    well i have spent all the day on that and that that was not easy ^^ i was online with the plc then i checked the FUB's status. all status are 0 (which should mean there is no error). i also launched wireshark. here are what i got and my arconfig. what do you think about that? Thanks!
  10. ModBus with B&R Automation V 3.081

    Regarding modbus tcp and wireshark this is my fisrt time indeed There is no Modbus tcp integrated with the Operating System since it is an old project written with the 2003 system. The FUB used for the slave are instfMBTSOpen, instfMBTSClose, instfMBTSRW, instfMBTSFill How did you remove the trend micro setting inside the properties of network interface? I'm going to check with wireshark and see how that will work.. i guess there are a lot of questions right here so far thanks!
  11. B&R Automation Opinions Needed

    IFP Automation since you have done a four month training on their system can you actually explain me how modbus tcp works in order to link an B&R plc and pc please? what do those registers stand for? Coil? Discrete Input? Input Register? Holding Register? thanks
  12. ModBus with B&R Automation V 3.081

    well thank you bits'bytes. To give you some answers the master is the PC and the slave the PLC. the connection between the plc and the pc is Ethernet since it's a Modbus TCP. So i have made some researches and i have another questions..^^ What do those registers concretely stand for in the communication? Coil? Discrete input? Input Register? Holding Register? Can i check the communication with the sothware wireshark?
  13. Modbus master

    Great! Thanks!
  14. Modbus master

    i actually dont have ur answer but can u explain me briefly how modbus works? thanks
  15. Hi There is a B&R Automation plc which comunicates with a supervision sofware (installed on computer); The communication is monitored via Modbus library. the problem is that the plc and the sofware don't communicate anymore. To solve that problem i first must understand how modbus works. Can somebody explain me the principle of modbus communication? and how can i diagnose that problem? Thanks