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  1. Hello, I Have a Slc 5/01 from allen Bradley and I want it to communicate with a IHM Omron NS5. The problem is the Slc 5/01 communicates in Rs-485. Meanwhile the NS5 communicates in Rs-232. How can I do to communicate them/?
  2. Remote Master SRM21 for CJ1m

    again thank very much... the problem was the adresses.
  3. Remote Master SRM21 for CJ1m

    Olá Amigos, Once again i'm here looking for help... It's been three days since i'm triyng to solve this problem for myself but i couldn't figure it out. I'm using a SRM21 Remote master and the remotes srt2-OD16-1. Everithing works fine but with only one remote. When I put two, they obey to the same output memory. I have registered the slave through the PLC but the problem remains. Have anyone worked with the SRM21 ?? Thanks...
  4. CP1E AD041

    Neve rmind. I found the problem. I shoud write in the second word as well even so I am not using it. Thanks Anyway
  5. CP1E AD041

    Olá Amigos, Once again I'm here to ask for help. I'm working with a analog input expansion unit for CP1E (AD041) and i'm having trouble. I've connected the Ad041 but I didn't have any success trying to read its signal. I did everything the manual said but it didn't work. Does anyone have worked with AD041? Thanks

    Yes, I did everything you said Pdl but it didn't work. :( But thanks anyway, i'm gonna buy the 3g3ax cable rs485 to usb.

    I think the problem is with the ICP con 7520-a (http://www.icsdataco.../ICP7520_ds.pdf). The person who gave to me said it was working. But i always have problems with communication in general. :(

    Yes, I did evething the manual says.

    But the manual says that I could connect the inverter through a usb-rs422 converter CX-Drive.bmp
  10. CX-DRIVE

    Olá amigos, I'm really sorry to bother you again, but I'm having some problems and I could't find the solution. I have a 3g3jx that I'm trying to access from the Cx-Drive. The 3g3JX has a RS-422 port. I'm using a ICP con 7520-a ( to convert rs-422 to rs-232. And I'm using a usb db9 converter as well because my laptop only have usb port. But I had no success. Does Anyone have any experience with this? I looked everywhere and found nothing. Best wishes from Brasil.
  11. Terminator SRS1-T

    Thank you very much, tomorrow I'll buy and test to see if it works, the I'll let you know. Best regards
  12. Terminator SRS1-T

    Hello Omron friends, I accidentally, connect a terminator SRS!-T in 24v, causing short circut. I openned the terminator and I saw a burned resistor. I think if I change the resistor, the terminaor will able to work again Does anyone knows the value of the resistor,i looked everywhere and I couldn't find. I'm having problems contating OMROM Enginners. Thanks, Marco Netto Technical Support OMROM Vision Engenharia Bahia - Brasil
  13. 3g3jv x 3g3jx

    It is a 3G3JV. 1. I'm still waiting for the person that will send to me the program. So, I don't know the parameters. 2. The PLC is a CQ1MH. 3. Yes. The 3G3JV is connceted to the CPU port. I was hoping for some material who told the related parameters in the 3G3JV and the 3G3JX.
  14. 3g3jv x 3g3jx

  15. 3g3jv x 3g3jx

    Hi everybody, I'm have to replace a 3G3JV for a 3G3JX, and I'm having some problems with the program in the PLC. Does anyone know how to make this transiction in the PLC program? thanks, Marcos Netto Technical Support Omron