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  1. I'm in a bit of a problem. Something has gone wrong with my old comms card, and it looks like I need to reinstall the driver. I am having a real problem trying to locate the driver, so if anyone can point me to a download, or send it to me, I'd really appreciate it. I'm looking for a 1784 PCMK/B comms card driver for Windows XP Pro.
  2. How to map DI's 7 DO's?

    Thanks for that.
  3. How to map DI's 7 DO's?

    Thanks, not too familiar with message instructions.
  4. How to map DI's 7 DO's?

    We have a number of SLC5/04 PLC's networked over DH+. If I have a digital input to say PLC 1, how could I network this and pick it up as an output on PLC 3.
  5. Rotational counter help

    Fitted plates to the filter arms so that the proximity switches have a larger target and provide a longer pulse, also to reduce the likelihood of two or more quick pulses. Also modified the code as chelton suggested. The changes have been working now for about ten days, so I think we can say that our problem has been resolved. Thanks to all that have helped, especially to cbuysse, OkiePC and chelton.
  6. Rotational counter help

    There is a possibility that this may be happening. I am getting plates made so that the proximity switch has a bigger target. These will be fitted next week hopefully.
  7. Rotational counter help

    Thanks Scott for the reply. Rung 51 does not form part of my code. The code is from Rung 53 to the End instruction.
  8. Rotational counter help

    I won't get back to this site until next week, I'll have a tinker then. ATM I have disabled all the rungs for the rev counters just in case something else is causing the problem.
  9. Rotational counter help

    Also attached is a screenshot of the status during the plc error.
  10. Rotational counter help

    Well here goes with my code, I hope it makes sense. I have 3 tanks with a rotation monitor on each tank. Rungs 53 to 59 are for Tank 1. Rungs 60 to 66 are for Tank 2. Rungs 67 to 73 are for Tank 3. Input I:4/12 is the Pulse input from the proximity switch on Tank 1 Input I:5/9 is the Pulse input from the proximity switch on Tank 2 Input I:6/10 is the Pulse input from the proximity switch on Tank 3 So basically the code is identical code for each Tank, only different addresses. Description Rung 53 has Timer T4:16 which times up. Rung 54 has the proximity switch pulse input for Tank 1. The tank sees 1 pulse per Rev. When it sees the pulse, the OSR B3:0/6 is triggered. This in turn moves the accumulated time from T4:16 to N16:44. It also resets Timer T4:16 back to 0, which then starts timing again until the next pulse from the proximity switch. Rung 55 has the NEQ block, so that when N16:44 is not equal to 0, then the maths are performed. The DIV block divides 600 by the accumulated time that was moved in to N16:44. This effectively gives me RPM to 1 decimal place. For example, if I had an accumulated time of 50 secs, the maths would be 600/50 = 12, our HMI is set to 1 decimal place so this reads as 1.2 RPM. The result is put into N16:45. The MUL block multiples whatever is in N16:45 to give me revs per hour (RPH). The result is put into N16:7 Rung 56 Has CTU C23:4 which counts the pulse passing the Proximity switch. C23:4 has a Preset of 1, because we now only have 1 pulse per rev. When the proximity switch sends the pulse, it resets C23:4, which then sites at 0 until the next pulse. Rung 57 has C23:4/DN, when this triggers by what happens in Rung 56, it causes C23:5 to increment by 1. This also moves 0 back in to C23:4 to reset the accumulated total to 0. Rung 58 When the S40 clock equals 9 hrs, OSR B3:0/11 is triggered and moves C23:5.ACC into N16:61. This is my count of Revs over the last 24 hrs. This also moves 0 back into C23:5.ACC thereby resetting the accumulated total back to 0. Rung 59 moves C23:5.ACC total to N16:63. This gives me a running total of revs. The other rungs do exactly the same for the other tanks, only different addresses. EAST CALDER RTU2 31-12-12 REVIS.pdf
  11. Rotational counter help

    The one shots are unique, not used elsewhere. I will upload a PDF of the code when I get home tonight. Thanks
  12. Rotational counter help

    Since adding this code, the plc has failed twice. My colleague went to it last time and found the plc to have an S5 fault. He reset this fault ant it went straight back in to fault. He then removed the code and was able to rest the S5 fault. He then put the code back in and it has been working fine for a few days. It has failed again today, and I will attend later. I can only assume that the plc has failed on the same fault. Any ideas?
  13. Rotational counter help

    The changes work just fine, thank you very much for that. Can I ask what you are using as an amulator?
  14. Rotational counter help

    I have done the code like this, but it seems to have a couple of errors. Counter1 was not counting as it was continually being reset by the XIO and RES counter 1 in rung 2. I changed the XIO in rung 2 to an XIC. Counter 1 is now counting. Also, when the total is being rest, the accumulated total in the counter starts at 1 instead of 0, therefore it only needs to see another 3 pulses before resetting again. As a workaround, I have made the preset of counter1 set to 5.