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  1. Logic issue, or problem with Control Expert 14.1?   Pop-up box, followed by Control Expert crash.  PLC seems to be running fine. "Control Expert Fatal Error" "The thread tried to divide an integer value by an integer divisor of zero" Anybody seen this before?  Corrupt file?  Reboot?  Uninstall/reinstall?
  2. I think this can be done, but I'm not exactly sure how. I have a site where the Trendworx Logger periodically stops/fails to run randomly. I want to trip an alarm to alert the plant operators that their logging is stopped, so they don't wait days to notice their trends are out of date. What is the tag/alarm configuration I need to use to make this happen? System is Genesis32 v8, running standalone. Thanks, T. Cookson
  3. Increasing Quickpanel Trending Time Span

    I have a client using QuickPanel View HMI's at several well & pump station sites who are using QuickPanel Views (IC754Vx12Cxx) for local interface. The local displays using Proficy ME's (v6.00 SIM 20) native trend object only display about 1 hour's worth of data, even though the panels have 8GB compact flash cards installed. The sample time is set to the maximum 30 second span. I would like to get a 24 hour span on these trends. Is it possible?
  4. I am taking over support of an exisiting system from a colleague who has changed careers, and have some system architecture points to address. The existing system has a mix of 90-30 & VersaMax PLC's communicating via CCM over a serial radio. The client is upgrading their network to Ethernet radios, so I get to rewirte their polling routines. If this was your system, would you use EGD for PLC-PLC communications, or keep the existing COMMREQ structure in the ladder, but switch the COMMREQ blocks over to SRTP to move from the serial system to the new Ethernet system. It is my understanding that the principal advantage of SRTP is that I maintain control of triggering comms within the ladder program (similar to how it exists today), but I have to use COMMREQ blocks. If I go EGD, then the configuration is a little easier, but I lose some control over when comms occur (which could cause bandwidth/collision issues). The entire system consists of ~30 controllers. Comments?