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  1. <FR>instruction

    hi everyone Please can explain me about <FR> instruction in STL language and give me a practical pgrogram that related with this instruction.
  2. hi I want perfect information about time delay intrrupt & intrrup for dpv1 in plc s7/300. thanks alot
  3. question about FC

    I make a program that is made in it 2 FCes. I write a instruction in ob1 for going to FCes but this program isn't work correctly. please lead me what's wrong? 1_PROJ_MAN_AUTO_KEYS.zip
  4. I create this program by S7/300.I want to make this output : the first 10s 'set" then 2s 'stop',5 s 'set', and again 8 s' set'. I a attach the program that I write . my problem is in fc1 .Please lead me 1_project.zip