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  1. Hello, I have figured out the system: %M0 = 400001.0 first bit of 400001 %M1 = 400001.8 nine bit of 400001 I have another problem. How to configure ETH->RS485/232 converter 499TWD01100. I have to configure IP address and RS485 parameters. How to do that? What are the default settings? Best regards
  2. Hello everyone, we have started to use a new Schneider PLC M238 and we have some problems with Modbus communication. We are reading holding registers (%MW49=400050) and writing to this modbus register. This work's OK. Now we need to write a coil. On the M340 this was done like this: %M100= modbus register 000101. How can we write a single coil to the M238? best regards
  3. Eaton Microinovation XV-102

    Hello everyone! I have a PLC Eaton XV-102. How can I send an sms alarm trough RS232 serial port from this PLC? Has anyone a sample code? Best regards
  4. Siemens S7-313C and CP340

    Hi, I am going to use xCP Modbus slave driver for CP340 Now I have another problem. How to configure CP340 communication paramateres (baudrate, data bits, parity,..), because in the HW Config, where I can configure CP340 the button Parameters (Properties - CP340 RS232C...) is not enabled. Why is the button disabled? Best regards
  5. Urgent: Simatic S7-313C and MMC

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my memory card. I have a S7-313C with memory card. Now I can not download a program, because the the memory card is password protected and do not have a password. Is there any way to format the MMC so that I can download the program? Best regards
  6. Siemens S7-313C and CP340

    Thank you for the answer
  7. Siemens S7-313C and CP340

    Hello everyone! I have just recived a CPU S7-313C with DI/DO modules, CP340 communication card and MD720-3 gprs modem. This is a water plant wich I need to put into scada iFix. I have a few experience with simatic plc but not very much with communication protocols with S7. I know this CP340 card does not support modbus protocol (driver). What protocol does this card support so I can linked to iFix scada. Is this SI7 or something else and how do I do it? Best regards
  8. Hello! I have troubles with sending characters to a serial port of the P34 2000 PLC (M340). Does anyone have a sample program wich I can look at it and develope my program. Please help
  9. We have an older version of Micro (Micro-84 and the Micro-984).
  10. Hello! How can I see if I have the same project wich is on the PLC (Micro) with Modsoft software if I go online to PLC? Please help

    The twido port 1 is set to Modbus and not to Remote link. And yes I have PIN5 and PIN7 on the MINIDIN together and connected to COM on the coverter from the start. I think Henrique is wright. Twido has a limitation in comm. packet.

    I don´t know what else to try. Please help.

    I am using Mb1 opc server from geFanuc for modbus serial communication. My communication parameters are 9600,8,1,N (RTU) and Twido has modbus address 2. I am reading registers 400001 to 400008. I am using a coverter from RS485 to RS232, because Twido has RS485 port. If I connect Modicon momentum to this OPC server it work´s OK. What am I doing wrong?
  14. Hello! I am trying to communicate with TWIDO TWDLCAA10DRF trough modbus OPC server. The server doesen´t poll the data from TWIDO. If I poll the same data with modscan, it work´s OK. Are there any additional settings to make in the Twdio so it will communicate with opc server? This standard modbus OPC server communicate´s fine with any other PLC´s. Have a nice day
  15. I think the cable is OK. The dialog table on the XBTH is configured. What do I have to configure on the Twido PLC? Do you mean with the EXCH function? Best regards