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  1. Thanks for the link. Ill have to get our IT department to unblock it.   tom
  2. I have been searching on how to import logic 500 tags to connected component workbench for panel view 800 project and striking out is there a way to do it? Project is to replace optimate  OM440  HMI connected to MicroLogix 1500 with a panel view 2711R-T7T. Replacing the controler is out of the question at this point. Tom
  3. Micrologix 1000 to Panelview C300 1761L16BWA TO 2711C-T3M I tried to attach PV file but it wont let me so i zipped it I'm using cable 2711-CBL-PM05 between the 2 I'm trying to read N7:0 on display and write to N7:1 I get 10: write error for alias preset controller TEST1 address is N7:1 Data Access error for alias TEST2, controller TEST1 address N7:1 pvcomtest1.RSS
  4. I don't post often but this hits home for most of us. article survey the links are broken
  5. DH+ To ABB

    Sorry the intergrater said cards were available, kit wasn't. Decimal Octal brain farts come automatically after 50 other than an upper robot cable we had to replace no problems, plant production is slow lots of down time. tom
  6. Thanks all for the input!!!!! Actually the micrologix 1100 crossed my mine Ill have to look at the slc to see how many connections it can take and maybe use some thing to filter or concentrate the connection if it doesn't have enough. Wireless is most likely out unless I can set it up so if it looses signal it will default to the on state. Modbuss/tcp might have a chance out building automation guy uses that lon and bacnet (all uncharted territory for me) tom
  7. We have a machine with a SLC 505 that needs to know when the the other 20 machines are running over about 80,000 sq-ft. I only need 2 inputs and 2 outputs max (only one input for now). I was hoping on Ethernet IO but it looks like the SLC's doesn't do that. We do have remote IO on it but the cable lengths and conduit runs would be unreasonable to hit each machine for 1 IO point. These machines have processors ranging from Automax to S7-300's to some old TI 505's there is a plant LAN switch at each machine that i can attach to. Any suggestions?
  8. 500/500 are similar except for the tags part I only have one 5000 controller so I'm not all the way up to speed on it. Dig in to this link they might have something that will work its open source too. source link on the DDE to VB My link My link My link good luck
  9. This is what the data files (one bit and one integer) look like in logixs 500 you would need the driver in Citect to read the file from the plc
  10. There is not any to move a jpeg or some thing like that that I know of, you could do it in ascii in a data file or if its just numbers numbers in a data file using a message statement. can you attach a file or image of what you want to pass and find out all the hardware in the chain.
  11. I think you need to define "Image" a little better. PLC's don't do *.jpg's ect. what PLC platform and what HMI are you using
  12. An other way but takes a little longer is to open the off line file and go to "TOOLS" ---> "DATABASE" ---> "ACCII EXPORT ---> and save to a known location when closing check yes to save changes to program. Then go online with processor "COMMS" ----->"WHO ACTIVE GO ONLINE" ---->navigate to the processor and click on it click "OK" in the upper right of the communications box---> select "CREATE NEW FILE"---> Then go to "TOOLS" ---> "DATABASE" ---> "ACCII INPORT --->click "OK"--->navigate to the *.EAS file you created in the first step --->click "OPEN"---> continue by navigate to the *.EIC file you created in the first step --->click "OPEN"--->continue by navigate to the *.ERP file you created in the first step --->click "OPEN"---> continue by navigate to the *.ESG file you created in the first step --->click "OPEN"---> continue by navigate to the *.nam file you created in the first step --->click "OPEN"---> click "OK" ---> then go to "FILE" ---> SAVE AS" ---> put the name you want in the box and click "SAVE" ----> click "YES" It will up load program again with current values and you are done. this is done while still on line.
  13. MicroLogix 1200 RTC

    I actually move the RTC.XX it to an integer a preform my compares to the integer value that way you can see it on line and put it in a table to monitor it in the example below that way you can change the values on line in a data table or by counter preset or the pot value in case of the 1100
  14. MicroLogix 1200 RTC

    I haven't programed a 1200 but a 1100 here is a screen shot of what i used
  15. Siemens (TI) 575 PGTS / subroutine

    The manual is a little deceiving it mentions IO in the lower section but all the bit's the image says IN:XX in every position and that is were the result go's to were the IO:XX is Looking at the program the last line has the IO:20 is were the result is put in this case it is V6199 tom