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  1. multliple hosts

    Hello all, I'm new to Omron, although I've been working on them for the past several months. The project I'm on now is editing existing systems. We are using an Omron PT, NS15-TX0[x]-V2 is the generic HMI Model. CX-Designer V3.111 is the HMI software. We are also using Omron, CS1H-H, CPU65, 10MB RAM as the PLC Model. CX-Programmer V9.4 is the PLC software. The PLC handles all of the control algorithms for the cell and robots, while the HMI communicates with the PLC for control only via ethernet. Data is collected and displayed from the robot controllers via ethernet. So our communication topology looks like this: PLC <--> HMI <--ROBOT PLC <--> ROBOT The problem we are encountering is when adding new robots, Yaskawa, NX and DX controllers, some of the screen information displays, and some does not at the customer's site. We are running the simulation software here in our office and are experiencing the same phenomena. There are a myriad of details, issues, non-funcitioning screen objects, and questions I have, but this is the fundamental situation: It appears that some of the robot controllers are recognized as valid hosts and some aren't. They are all listed in the System Comm--Comm Setting tab and were all entered into the ethernet table at the same time. The IP addresses have been checked and double checked. I've gone through everything I can think of and cannot resolve this issue. Is there a commisioning method I don't know about? If interested, there are quite a few things going on in the HMI that I can't explain or fix, and I can get some screen shots if that helps, but I'm hoping if I can get all of the robots recognized as valid hosts, all the other problems will go away. Thanx to all who've given answers to questions in the past, and a big thanx in advance for any suggestions offered here, Tim
  2. RSView 32

    I am using RSView Studio ME Edition, V 4.00.00, (CPR 7), Build 60. I have two similar filling lines that use Ethernet for communications from an SLC 5/05 to a 6" Panelview Color Touchscreen each. They are independent networks, they are not connected together, although the IP addresses are identical for each line. Whenever I need to change lines, that is, move my laptop from one line to the other it becomes an ordeal. The PLC's usually connect right away. It takes a day to finally get my laptop to communicate to the Panelview so that I can download edited programs. I usually have to fiddle with things so much to get it to work, that I can never remember the 'silver bullet' that makes it work. The processor names and program names are similar (text is identical but numerics are different). This last time I tried to connect to the Panelview to repair a non-functioning pushbutton, I couldn't connect at all. I can bring the display up in RSView editor, but when I click the 'Test Display' button I get question marks for numerics and errors on the graphics. The diagnostic window displays these messages for each tag, for example: "The item '::[processorname]N7:54' does not exist on any server." When I look at the Communications Tab it shows the correct Ethernet network and displays the PLC and Panelview in the tree with the correct IP addresses. When I go to the communication set up part of the project tree it shows the short cut with the same name as the processor in the local window, and in the target window. Both windows also show the correct IP addresses. In the past I tried using the Transfer Utility to download the program anyway, but this is a big mistake. The Panelview will display the same thing that the test display does, question marks and errors. I have gone through manuals, (viewme-um004_-en-e.pdf) and (RSView 32 Runtime Users Guide, RSView 32 Users Guide, RSView 32 Supervisory Edition Users Guide, and RSView 32 Machine Edition Users Guide) but cannot find anything that pertains to the specific diagnostic messages I see. I have not had 'official' training in RSView but have learned what I know by experimentation. Am I missing something in setting up the networks, or anywhere else in the programs? The machines are functioning and the networks are functioning, so I don't think I missed something in setting up the networks. I only have this problem when I need to edit displays in the Panelview.
  3. slc 5/05 modbus

  4. slc 5/05 modbus

    I will try this today. I assumed the DOIAP was working as far as Modbus goes because of the two tests I have already performed. That is, configuring the DOAIP serial port 1 as slave and serial port 2 as pass-thru master. Using MB Poll, a program I downloaded, I could read address 3207 from node 1 in real time. Next I disconnected my laptop from port 2 of the DOIAP, and configured the Ethernet port as Modbus master. Using the same MB Poll program, I again was able to read the same address. I believed then that the DOIAP was working and the ports had to be configured as serial port 1: slave; Ethernet port: master. As for the tests you mention, I will definitely try these because I was wondering if there were ways to find out if the PLC commands were being received by the DOIAP and also being passed thru it. Thanx for this additional information
  5. slc 5/05 modbus

    I have been rebooting the DOIAP, but not cycling power. I will do this from now on. I can certainly try configuring the serial port to be a master, at this point, it wouldn't hurt. I normally use the wizard which simply states, configure the master (the port that recieves messages from the device), then set up the slave (the port that sends messages to devices). This is getting confusing. I see your point, carrying the logic the next step (if I follow it correctly) the Ethernet port could be the slave port because it receives messages from the 'master' (plc). I had intended staying home Sunday and working on the plc program for hardwired I/O, but maybe I'll go into the plant and try some more configurations, and this time, cycle power on the DOIAP. I will attempt to set up the serial and Ethernet ports as masters, and work out from there. I'll check some of Lyns other sites as well since I have only looked at one. I will also investigate the pdf you mention. Once again, thanx
  6. slc 5/05 modbus

    I was in a mild panic as this line was supposed to run last Thursday. I ordered I/O, relays, and cable to hard wire the drives to the PLC (this is how the existing line is), but my customer wants to use networking instead. I have until Monday eve to get the networks to run, else the new components will be picked up and installed so the I can get the programming done by next Thursday. I would rather get the network to function and do the programming required for that. Thanx again (I can't thank you enough) Modbus_ATV31.pdf Tele_Drive_Modbus_Addresses.pdf
  7. slc 5/05 modbus

    I tried to add the screen shot, but I don't know if it shows. I attached some doc files of the screen shots. (screen_shots.doc and screen_shots1.doc) Suffice it to say the rung with the message and the config pop-up window are nearly identical to the ones shown on Lyn's site. The differences are the IP address and the address of the target word. In case the docs cannot be read this is what I have: A conditioned rung with the message instruction. I fire a one shot, seal the msg with the EN bit, and de-energize it with the DN and ER bits. The box looks like this: Read/Write Message Type Peer-to-Peer Read/Write Read Target Device 500CPU Local/Remote Remote Control Block N16:0 Ctr Blck Lngth 51 The Pop-Up looks like this (without the status bits): This Controller Communication Command 500CPU Read Data Table Address N17:0 Size in Elements 1 Channel 1 Target Device Message Timeout 23 Data Table Address N42:6 (From the spreadsheet, Drive Current Voltage ) Ethernet IP Address Local/Remote Remote MultiHop No Remote Bridge Addr (dec) 0 Remote Sta Addr (dec) 1 Remote Bridge Link ID 0 It would also be informative for you to post the DOIAP configuration or at least describe it in detail, rather than just designating that it's set up for one protocol or another. "I set it up for all three protocols" is an act of panic, not of analysis. (again I tried to post screen shot screen_shots2.doc) this is a copy of the ia config summary table=1 name=Drives table=1 route=1 protocol=modbusrtu protaddr=0-32 type=serial port=1 table=1 route=1 active=on Network Sources (Masters): master=1 protocol=abethernet table=1 transport=tcp ipport=2222 master=1 chartimeout=50ms messagetimeout=2500ms idletimeout=5min permit=all master=1 priority=medium master=1 active=on Serial Sources/Destinations (Masters/Slaves): serial=1 protocol=modbusrtu type=slave table=1 messagetimeout=2500ms serial=1 slavetimeout=1sec chartimeout=20ms serial=1 broadcast=off This from the Network Configuration window Obtain an IP address automatically using DHCP * Use the following IP address: (this is the option chosen) * IP Address: * Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: (the software prevents me from entering This from the Serial Port Configuration Window Port Description Profile Serial Configuration Action Port 1 None Industrial Automation 19200 8E1 Copy... Port 2 None <Unassigned> 9600 8N1 Copy... This from the Device Information window Device Information System Model: Digi One IAP Firmware Version: Version 82000770_G 04/04/2007 MAC Address: 00:40:9D:33:49:25 CPU Utilization: 0% Up Time: 4 hours 14 minutes 11 seconds Power Sources: External power supply Powered 802.3af powered Ethernet Not Powered Network DHCP: Off IP Address: Host Name: Network Diagnostics Network Protocols Route Table This from the Route Table Diagnostics Route Table Diagnostics Index Network Subnet Mask Gateway Metric Interface 1 1 ether 2 0 ether I am only trying to poll one drive at this time, node 1. I am attempting to poll a function 4, address 3207, which should be the current voltage of the drive. This is the same address I used for the pass-thru serial port test and the Modbus IP test, both of which I could display the drive voltage in real time. I have the rest of the drives powered down so as not to add confusion. I hope this sheds some light, I can provide more information if you tell me where to find it. I have look at everything I could find on the DOIAP. Thank you again for the help and support. screen_shots.doc screen_shots1.doc screen_shots2.doc
  8. slc 5/05 modbus

  9. slc 5/05 modbus

    I have seen this document before, but like all the examples I have seen to date, mention the capacity to communicate with an SLC 5/05, then proceed to show as RS 5000 platform example. I don't know of a way to make sure the SLC is sending information to the DOIAP, but an example of how to program the msg function would be helpful in that I can eliminate bad programming as the cause of the problem.
  10. slc 5/05 modbus

    I set up the DigiOne for pass-thru and used a program I got from the Internet and I could read data from the dirves. I then set the DigiOne Enet port for Modbus IP, and that worked with my program also. I polled several drives so ModBus is working. If I set up the DigiOne Enet port to Ethernet IP, RSLinx finds it on the network and shows connections to it. If I set the DigiOne Enet port to AB Ethernet, Linx does not find it. It looks like it is some kind of Enet settings. I set all the IP addresses (170.230.138.xxx) and made sure the submasks were the same It could also be the msg instruction also. I tried writing data words to the control word, like node and function and beginning word number, then I realized most of that data is already in the msg instruction. I can see all of it (using the XLS calculator) except the node number. I tried adding the node number at the beginning of the IP address in the instruction, followed by a comma and I still don't get good data. I tried adding the node number at the end of the IP address in the instruction, preceded by a comma, and I still don't get good data. I tried writing the node number to the first byte in the control word, and that didn't work either. I don't understand how the message gets routed to the correct drive. I have made all of these attempts with only one drive on the network. I tried all the combinations of msg instruction and DigiOne Enet settings, and I cannot see any valid data. I simply get garbage with the error bit set in the msg instruction. I don't even know for sure if the error code is dependable.
  11. slc 5/05 modbus

    Thanx a bunch, I will look at these things today. I wondered about power for the Modbus, I didn't know where it came from, the rep I talked to this morning says it is just a 5 volt, low current signal that can only be verified with a scope. He also suggested using a gateway before the Lantronix devices. He suggests an HMI or another small processor, as was mentioned above on this web site. I would rather get the DigiOne working simply because of the 8 node limit on the Lantronix.
  12. slc 5/05 modbus

    Go through the wizard. It will help you get everything set up. Don't even try to figure out the Modbus/SLC 5/05 "location" stuff on your own. It never seemed to quite work correctly for me. Use the Excel spreadsheets to do that. I had the best luck also with the 0x4 and 0x5 Modbus addresses. If you get stuck, there's also a "forum" on the Digi web site. At least at one time, Lynn Linse (seems to be the programmer for the Digi One IAP) cruised the forums and routinely gave helpful information. I strongly recommend that while you are debugging, first attempt a simple RS-232/Ethernet conversion across a laptop to verify that you can make everything work correctly. Then download one of the free or demo "PC modbus troubleshooting" type programs that let you simply poll an address. Use this again the the "serial/Ethernet" or "serial/serial" conversion to verify that everything works as expected. Finally, attempt to do the same things via the SLC 5/05 once you can consistently get Modbus communication to work through the Digi One IAP with a PC.
  13. slc 5/05 modbus

    I talked my customer into buying the Digi One IAP. We are getting it next day air. I took a look at some manuals, and confusing is an understatement. I am not an expert network guy, only experience is with of course the rockwell networks, devicenet, controlnet, df1. a little profibus years ago and just a little bit of IP stuff. I hope I can make this work as I was just informed that my customers' customer will be here Thursday to see the lines run. I still have to develop the algorithm for formatting strings via modbus to/from the drives and the PLC. (it looks like some of the data words from the drives don't line up with the 16 bit words in the plc. Some of the bytes are split, and the lower byte is shifted and becomes the hight byte of the next word). Any help in setting the Digi One would be a greatly appreciated as it would be a time saver. Thanx to anyone that might be able to help
  14. slc 5/05 modbus

    Thanx for your response Eddie, The XPress DR1+ is exactly the module that was purchased. There is a mention in the manual about an XPress AI1, but I don't know if that is the same thing you are referring to. Looks like I'll tell my customer he got the wrong device, although I'm sure a salesman told him that the XPress DR1+ is what he needed. (Makes me glad I didn't spec it!)
  15. slc 5/05 modbus

    Thanx, for the response Sparky, We do have a Lantronix ethernet to modbus adapter, but I am not sure it is a translator. It has two serial ports (RJ45) and two ethernet ports. It also has screw terminals for the serial port 2. This is the method I must use because the RJ45 serial ports only support RS232. The screw terminal port is the only one that supports RS485. I have to connect to the Lantronix via a serial port with my laptop to set up the modbus comms, and to set up the IP address of the Lantronix device. If this is a translator, that's great. Unfortunately, as you have stated, it is difficult to determine how to configure the msg in the 5/05 instruction itself, or even if it can be done. Currently I have the message instruction set up for CIP485. I have not been on line to the processor yet to see if that will work as I am doing the programming off line for now. I hope to download the new program early this week. I don't suppose anyone has had any luck trying AB or Rockwell support? The last time I tried them (years ago) they wanted to charge a fee. My customer may be willing to pay the fee, but the idea of paying them to use their products just doesn't sit well with me. If I have to, then I have to. Tim