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  1. Hi Guys, I have recently downloaded the Easy Modbus application on this site. Reading through I see it state the need to use CP1W-CIF11. We have CP1W-CIF01. Will this run ok for this application. I am taking it it will, and that the CIF11 has only been stated due to the requirement to connect to more than one node. In our application we are only connecting to one other node other than the CP1 plc we are using. Thanks for any comment in advance. Cheers
  2. FinsV3 ETN - Xp and Windows 7

    Hi Guys, thanks for your input. UAC is disabled. I get routing table update failure when running up FinsGateway. At present, as I had succeeded in Xp, I am using a VPN to connect. Maybe in W7 it is different. So I am looking to hook up the PC directly on the network rather than VPN in. But I am able to use MultiWay V7.7 using Fins Ethernet TCP to connect with out any problems on the Windows 7 machine !! Cheers Nick
  3. FinsV3 ETN - Xp and Windows 7

    Guys, I have been able to get FinsGateway ControllerLink module to work in Windows 7. And have Citect work fine through it. I have got FinsGateway working with ETN module in Xp fine. And have Citect work fine through it. But I am unable to get FinsGateway ETN module to work in Windows 7. So I wondered if anyone else has had success or failure with ETN module in Windows 7 environment. Some settings info : Windows 7 is 32 bit, PC has static IP address. Kind Regards, Nick
  4. CitectScada(6.10) Print to Network Printer

    Hi Guys, I am new in my position and have a number of Citect Systems in the field, I am also the customer !!! So I am just starting to bring all the systems up to the latest version. The report at present prints out fine to local printer(printer1(lpt1:)), it only becomes a problem when squirting it out to the network printer. Any thoughts based on this will be greatly appreciated. cheers Nick
  5. Hi Guys, I have been trying to use a networked printer from Citect for our daily report. I can print a test page from windows print manager no problem. But when I use citect to print the following occurs... The file gets sent to the printer. The printer 'groans' a bit. And the windows print manager shows it printing but nothing occurs. BUT if I shut down Citect whilst this is happening, the printout is then printed on the printer. Clearly something is causing it not to print while citect is live. Any ideas ? Cheers Nick
  6. UM Read Protection CS1 - how to remove

    Using Fins fibre Have sorted the problem out. End of thread
  7. Hi Guys, I am getting the UM REad Protection Message when trying to upload or edit a progam on a CS1. We have not put in password protection, and can only think somehow a lightning strike has caused this. Does anyone know how to overcome this when you do not have a password. This is a PLC I have edited many times, so a real scratchy head moment at present. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give. Cheers Nick
  8. Upgradiong from Citect V5.50.184 to V7.0r1

    Thanks Gambit, didnt want to go through upgrading through each version to find it wouldnt work. cheers Nick
  9. Hi Guys, has anyone successfully upgraded fromV5.50 to V7.0r1 ? I am getting a lot of errors etc. Is there a preferred way of doing this ? Thanks in advance. Nick
  10. FINS Ring Break how to find

    Hi guys, what is the quickest way to find where a break is in a fibre-optic ring using FINS ? Cheers Nick
  11. Searching for an AN number in Citect

    Hey Sparky, thanks that has got the bugger. I knew which page it was, but had not used tools goto. Cheers Nick
  12. Citect SCADA Error Trapping

    Hi Pdl, yep tried that method already. With no success. Cheers N
  13. Searching for an AN number in Citect

    Hi , nope does not come up in include projects either. Thanks
  14. Searching for an AN number in Citect

    Hi Sparky, most remiss of me, yes it is Citect as you guessed. Cheers N
  15. Guys, I have done a search in a legacy project for an Animator AN number. I get a long list of numbers but none of them are the one I am looking for. I assume it must be in the project in the Graphics pages, as I get a Hardware Alarm listing this number. Any ideas ? Thanks N