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  1. XW585

    Hello: I need connect a PC with an EXCEL600 (Honeywell). I have a software to make this. The connection is with a XW585 cable. I would like to know if someone knows how can I manufacture my own XW585. Thank you
  2. Remote Visualization System With wonderware

    No, I generate an application with the application publisher in the windowmaker. And when I execute that application in the second PC (In touch runtime), appears the problem that the platfrom is not deployed in the node.
  3. Hello: I have two PC's for a visualization system. The first of them have installed the Galaxy Repository with IAS. The second one have installed the In Touch but only in RUNTIME MODE. I have created a Scada with the windowmaker in the first PC. I have generated an application for the scada and when I try to execute that application in the second PC says me that the Archestra plattform is not deployes in that node. How can I get deploy the platform if I haven't installed the GR. The second PC only needs the In touch in runtime mode because it's only the supervision system. Thank you
  4. Reset in ControlLogix Processor

  5. Comunication via modbus

    Hello: I have three power meters: PM 500 (merlin gerin), PM 710 (Merlin gerin) and CVMk-L (Circutor). I want to connect them to a Controllogix CPU L5561 with a modbus network (MVI56-MCM Prosoft). I connected the two merlin gerin. I don't be able to connect the circutor power meter. Anybody knows how can I get connect the circutor to the PLC via modbus with the MVI56-MCM? Thanks
  6. Reset in ControlLogix Processor

    I want to clear all memory in the PLC.
  7. MVI56-MCM with double CPU

    Thank yoy for your replies.
  8. Hello: How can I make a reset in a ControlLogix processor (L5561)? Thanks
  9. MVI56-MCM with double CPU

    Hello: I would like to know how can I configure the MVI56-MCM module to work with CPU double in the same chasis. I want that the two CPUs reads the MODBUS values. Thanks
  10. InTouch - ControlLogix

    Sorry. This is the first image
  11. InTouch - ControlLogix

    Hi: I'm trying to comunicate a CotrnlLogix processor with In Touch. In the System Managemet Console, i have my controlLogix and I have the tags that I want to read. The problem is in IDE. I have an OPCClient with his Device Group an device Item that it's the same in the system management console. When I deploy the OPCclint I have no errors but in the object view there isn't the Item Thank you
  12. Values RS485

    Hello: I have a Power Meter (PM500 Merlin Guerin) connect to a PLC (controlLogix Allan Bradley) via RS485 with the help of a modbus module (MVI56-MCM). How can I see the values that the power meter transmit to the modbus module in the RSLogix? Thanks.
  13. MVI56-MCM

    I have the modbus module in a remote chasis. This chasis comunicates with the controller trought controlnet. The problem is that in the controller's chasis the modbus comunicate with the controller but in the remote chasis dosn't it. I have another problem. I don't know how can I see the device values of the modbus module. Thank you Sorry for my English
  14. MVI56-MCM

    I have problems with the configuration of the module. I can't comunicate with it. The manual says that I have to copy the example archive in my RSLogix project and then download the project to my controller. I have downloaded the project to my controller but the module's led still is red and the controller don't comunicate with the modbus module. Sorry for my English. Thanks
  15. MVI56-MCM

    Hi!! Im trying to insert a MVI56-MCM (Prosoft) like an Allen Bradley Modbus Module in a remote chasis. I'm using a RSLogix archive (mvi56mcm_expanded_v10) to configure the module but I'm having problems with the tags. Does someone knows somthing about hor configure MVI56-MCM module like an allen bradley modbus module? Thanks