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  1. 1734-485ASC to Display communications problem

    That is how I have everything connected currently. I can send ASCII from my PC to the Message Display, and it triggers. I can send ASCII from the 1734-485ASC module to the PC, and the ASCII commands appear to be correct; however, the Message Display acts as if it doesn't even see the ASCII coming from the 1734-485ASC module. They're all connected together in a small "RS-485 Network" per say, sitting on a bench. 
  2. 1734-485ASC to Display communications problem

    When I send the data, I have a delimiter set so it sends "DATA" just as it should least the data received in Tera Term looks correct. The message display as diagnostics LED on the front that changes color whenever the display receives a command. This LED changes color like it should with every command sent via Tera Term. When I command the 1734-485ASC module to send the same ASCII data, the LED on the display never changes color. The "receive" LED on the back flashes like it should, but the display never acknowledges the command.
  3. Hello All, I'm currently attempting to use a 1734-485ASC module for a project to control a Message Display. This module is controlled by an SLC505 via Devicenet, and I am able to pass data to the module correctly. I have an RS-232 to RS-422/485 adaptor connected to my Laptop and am using Tera Term for testing. I can send ASCII commands to my Laptop and read them in Tera Term correctly. I can also send ASCII commands to the display and trigger the messages on the display correctly using Tera Term; however, when I send commands from the 1734-485ASC module to the display, I get nothing. Anyone have any ideas why this may be? Or does anyone know of any known "bugs" with this ASCII module that may allow it to pass to Tera Term, but not the module (incorrect EDS file config, etc.)?
  4. Hello, I'm working with some old Allen-Bradley SLC5/04 systems with 1747-SN modules. The module is located in Slot1. One system is only using the RIO module for a PV1000. How do you know where the "M-Files" for Analog I/O modules and/or Panelviews are located? I see programming using locations such as: M1:1.810 where 60 words are being copied from a Remote I/O PV1000 to some words for the SLC to utilize, but I don't understand why "M1:1.810" was used instead of, for example, "M1:1.800"? I looked and so far cannot find information pertaining to the words other than what is in the User's manual, and it doesn't address this issue. The panelview in my example uses all of Logical Rack 0, Full Rack addressing. Any help would be most appreciated. I have very little experience with the RIO stuff because almost everything I've worked with in the past has been Devicenet.
  5. Hello, Currently, Mitsubishi is phasing out the E500 series VFD and replacing it with the E700. We have a shop full of E500 VFD's. The E700 Input Words have been changed. Has anyone else had issues with devicenet setup when changing out these drives? We're trying to get 6 Bytes to and from the VFD and we're having trouble getting the VFD to pass the Actual Current back to the PLC via Devicenet. We are using Allen-Bradley SLC5/04, Devicenet, and Mistubishi E700 series on FR-A7ND option module. Can anyone help please????