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  1. CompactLogix Ethernet Remote IO

    Thanks and Paulengr. I am going with the 1794 Flex IO and AENT module. I appreciate your help. Regards.
  2. Dear All, I am working on a project with a compactlogix L32E processor. I need to connect to remote devices via ethernet. Is there a remote IO module compartible with compactlogix over ethernet? I have searched the forum but have not found a solution yet. Thank you.
  3. S5 TO S7 Conversion

    Thanks for the reply, My CPU is S5 115U CPU 941. I still dont understand what the LIR 0 instruction is loading. The address in ACCUM 1 is E5A6. What does this mean as this address is the starting address of DB211. Is it loading DW0? Many thanks for your help.
  4. S5 TO S7 Conversion

    Hello Mike, Thanks once again for your help. Your advice is well noted. I have some questions: Block Address List 1. From the block address list, the starting address for the data blocks is E400 and each data block has two addresses. That is DB0, for example, has E400 and E401. This means the starting address for DB211 is E5A6. So does it mean that to access DW257 in DB211 I have to do this, Address = E5A6 + (offset of header) + 257? 2. From the code I posted earlier, the LIR 0 instruction is loading from address E5A6. What does this mean as this address is the starting address of DB211. Is it loading DW0? Thank you.
  5. S5 TO S7 Conversion

    I have been able to figure out what the code is doing but have some questions. I realized the address of the data being loaded by the LIR instruction is E5A6 which is the address of the data block DB211. DB211 in the program contains 50 data words: 0 to 49. My question is which of the elements in the data block is the LIR instruction loading. How is the offset specified. For example to load data word 1 it will be DW1 but how is this acheived with the LIR instruction. The manual says Data words 256 to 2042 can only be accessed using the "LIR", "TIR" and "TNB" operations. So, for example, how will data word 257 be loaded using the LIR instruction? Thank You.
  6. S5 TO S7 Conversion

    Thanks Mike, I'm still converting and haven't yet run the code. The entire program is quite big and I'm about 90% through. At the moment I'm struggling with a portion that includes an LIR instruction and I read from the forumn I need to understand the code to be able to convert to S7. Below is the code and I hope I will be able to make it. Thanks once again. FUNCTION BLOCK FB 221: NAME: TRANSFER DECL: DBQZ DKY LW =DBQZ T FW 210 L FY 211 SLW 1 L KH E400 +F LIR 0 L KB 0 ><F BEC L KB 49 G DB 211 T FW 212 BE This function block is called passing "KY 161, 211" to DBQZ from OB21 as below: JU FB 221 NAME: TRANSFER DBQZ: KY 161,211
  7. S5 TO S7 Conversion

    Thanks Mike, You have really been of great help.
  8. S5 TO S7 Conversion

    Dear All, I need help to convert the S5 program below to S7. Why is the reserved data block DB0 being called and what is OB31? I check OB31 and it is empty. Your help will be very much appreciated. Thank You M001: DO FW 219 C DB 0 DO FW 221 L DW 0 DO FW 220 C DB 0 DO FW 224 T DW 0 L FW 224 I 1 T FW 224 JU OB 31 L FY 222 I 1 T FY 222 L FY 223 <=F JC =M001
  9. Panelview 550 Comms Problem

    Thank you for your time in responding. I have been able to fix it. I went to the configuration screen and manually changed the baud rate and error checking settings. I then set RSLinx to conform to these settings and RSLinx detected it. I then changed the settings and tried the auto configure and it detected it successfully. Now it is working. I guess it needed some form of a reset. Thank you once again.
  10. Panelview 550 Comms Problem

    Hello Mickey, Thanks for the reply. RSLinx tries the various baud rates and eventually displays: "Failed to find the baud and parity! Check all cables and switch settings!"
  11. Dear All, We just bought a panelview 550 Cat #: 2711-T5A16L1 Ser B Frn 4.46 but having a communication problem. We can download and upload on the RS232/Printer Port but cannot communicate on the RS232 DF1 port so cannot hook it up to the plc. I'm able to communicate with the same cable and rslinx on a panelview 600 DF1 port. I'm using rslinx clasic 2.5. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank You.
  12. CPM1 Comms Problem

    Thanks for the reply. I think the unit has failed because I tried with the Handheld programmer and it only displays dashes (===================). The programmer, however, works with the CPM1A.
  13. CPM1 Comms Problem

    Hello All, I have a CPM1 (CMP1-30CDR-A-V1) plc which has faulted. The PWR led and the ERR led are both on (not blinking). I want to connect to it and check the error but keep getting the error "No response from PLC". I'm however able to connect to CPM1A (CPM1A-20CDR-A-V1). I'm using Syswin 3.4, USB-CIF02. I have also tried CX Programmer 5.0 but no success. Can USB-CIF02 connect to CPM1? Please advice. Thank You.
  14. PLC Instruction Help

    Hello, I'm converting an old Moeller plc program and I need help with the "JI" and "J" instructions. I think they are jump instructions but what is the difference if they really are? Please find the picture below. Thank you.

    Thank You All for the information. Very much appreciated.