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  1. [step7] how to replace DBx

    ok thank you ...
  2. [step7] how to replace DBx

    this is for the replace/search tool available when editing only one function block or i miss somthing? but this could be better that done it manually thanks
  3. [step7] how to replace DBx

    for now there is two different adress to replace by two others. But they are in 5-6 function block. and there is about 15 occurences. there is no easier step? i had better made the change manually. thank you for your help...
  4. [step7] how to replace DBx

    Yes this is what i want to do. But i have not just one net (i am using ladder ... ) to change but a lot. So i want to use an automatic replace function. And the one in step 7 seems not to allow that... am i clear?
  5. [step7] how to replace DBx

    hi, into step 7 i want to replace a4.0 by DB1.dbx0.0 how can i do that? replacing an input/output by a memory Mx.x is possible but i am not able to replace something in a DB ? is there a solution? thank you
  6. yes this is IEC 1131 that was a mistake. For the pulse that's what i tought so if the pulse is active for one plc scan only, then there will only be the incrementation bu not the test after it?
  7. But whith a |p| this means it's active with a pulse so only during on plc cycle... thank you for the solution but there is a lot of one the probleme was a general problem with ladder coding. i wanted to know what is the right way to do. i heard about an IEC 1031 that explain the rules but it seems to be non-free thank you
  8. hi, i program in ladder an have a net like that : is it normal that when MI208 is equal to 19 and i push MB 153 my value goes to 1 and not to 20. infact the "first" line is execute and the the second too. i thought that in ladder when the first line is executethe second wasn't. Am i wrong ... Thanks
  9. Connection plc and vb

    i think yes there is no reason for the plc to send data if you don't ask him to.. but i don't know how.. :\
  10. Connection plc and vb

    Is your RS232 port on the S7 200 well initialize? (9600,8N,1 )? You rthreashold property of mscomm1 is to 0? the handshaking on the plc is xon xoff? (like in your code?) ...
  11. Connection plc and vb

    you should use MSComm1_OnComm event that occure when you receive something on the com... i think the other parameters are fine... i have no time today to write a basic code... tell us i you still have problem...
  12. wincc flexible and C7 635

    Thank you... For thye last point that's how i do first but i found that if the variable isn't in the screen the page jump didn't occure.... i know i can't pour the variable in invisible mode in each page but it's quiet long and not very optimzed i think...
  13. wincc flexible and C7 635

    Hi everybody, i am using wincc flexible to program a c7-635 panel touch (TP 170 with cpu 314..) The problem i meet is that to program it i need to reboot it and select transfer each time .. is there a way yo program it without reboot ot? Another thing in the help of wincc i found an sliders object that i can't found in the soft are these objects only for full version of wincc (i am using the standart!) Last things i want to dynamically change the screen on the panel from the ladder program i found a word that indicate the actual screen but this is read only is there a word to force the actual screen ??? Thanks a lot Olivier
  14. VB 6 and simatec net

    Hi, I wnat to "communicate" from VB to a cp 635 (tp170 + CPU 314) i have a 5611 PCI card for profibus step 7 5.3 and imatic net 6.2. Is there anybdy with some example or tips to do such a things? because i am trying for hours now... Thnaks Olivier
  15. Function count question

    i didn't manage to find an example but i understand the function so don't need it anymore..