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  1. Dear Experts, My SCADA software, RSView32 v5.0.1 (w/activation code) can only be installed on WindowsNT 4.0. So, I need your help to install WindowsNT 4.0 (SP4) on the Petium 4 (PM8M-V) PC. I tried several times to install it. But, the installation was terminated prematurely. Please help! Yours, Naing
  2. Moeller PLC

    Hi all, I am now facing with an old PS316 (EBE series) from Klockner Moeller. I want to up/download the program from PC to PLC. Please point me the way to search the Sucosoft for free. Regards,
  3. SCADA Forum

    Hi all, Don't you think it is time to open a new SCADA forum? The forum fetures will lead to HMI, MMI, OP, VCU, SCADA and so on. The ones who need help about SCADA can use this forum and find the real solution in one step.
  4. S5 PC to PLC Cable

    Hello ! I am really sorry for late reply . I have many .... . Any way, I am trying my best to fullfill your needs. The solutions are here. 1) S5_SPS is my home brewed circuit and you can use it reliabily with some precautions. ( a) use a transformer without center_tap, on the supply circuit. ( b) don't make any modifications on supply side. ('cause it requires symetrical +/- 12V.) ( c) the power sources for all of PC, S5_SPS and PLC must be the same. (Use the panel power outlet if available on site) ( d) as there are no isolation between the electronics, you must handle them with care. (But I don't meet any problem till now) 2) RS232_TTY schematic is downloaded from somewhere. (I can't really remember) And I have not tested it till now. Use it at your own risk.
  5. WindowsNT on Pentium 4?

    Yessssss! Very useful answer to reality. I have now solved my problem to install Windows NT on P4. I disabled all the extra features of motherboard (PM8M-V, MSI) including on-board VGA, sound, network etc.. I plugged an old versioned VGA card in PCI slot. A lot of thanks are going to Ken Moore. Naing

    I'm a Citect user. But, I know there are alot of SCADA softwares missing in the poll. Is there someone who can list the softs? I think the list of available SCADA softwares should be in HMI&SCADA topic. WBW, Naing
  7. WindowsNT on Pentium 4?

    Well, my HDD is ATA/IDE. Here is my HDD's specification. HITACHI "Desktar" Model: HDS728040PLAT20 Capacity: 41.1GB P/N:0A30216 LBA: 80,418,240 Sectors RPM: 7200 MLC: BA1116 CHS: 16383/16/63 Selector Jumpers for 16 Heads, 15 Heads, 32GB clip, Autospin disable Thanks, Naing
  8. WindowsNT on Pentium 4?

    Yes, I meant that WindowsNT installation was aborted prematurely showing BSOD (blue screen of dead) with many strange codes (00x00000-----bla, bla). I have tried reducing the partition-size to 2.1GB and FAT16. But, it didn't work. Is there something else to take care off?
  9. Yes, sure. There are "many of dry joints" on the PCB. But I didn't mean that AB is loosing their QC. According to the machine's enveroment, I had decided to go that way to reach the solution. Btw, my PLC lost sometimes the program when the machine was vibrating in the process, even the power was up. WBW Naing
  10. S7-400 Counter Card problem

    Hi presario2100! You didn't show the card's code and version (6ES7450-xxxxx-xxxx). Is it exactly the same as the old one? If it is not, you need to reconfigure the program on-line. Please try to purchase the tools. WBW, Naing
  11. s5==>s7

    I have the same questions like you. Even I don't have real experiance, I think it will depend on the conversion parameters such as old S5 PLC model and new S7 PLC model. Sometimes you need to modify the FBs, OBs, PBs,....etc,. Atleast, you need to check the converted I/O assignments. (Just only my opinion, lets listen the experts' speech)
  12. Simple programming cable for Mitsubishi FX

    You should reference rajsiyer's attached document.
  13. ==plc5/3, if power is turned off on the machine for several days it loses the program. They have tried several batteries and have also changed the cpu card. Has anyone out there seen this problem before and have any ideas how to fix it?
  14. Should we have an AC Drives Secrtion ?

    I voted "YES" because I know all of us have met the industrial drives at some time and some where. The industrial drives are also the part of the automation. We can't avoid to face with them when we are trying to diaganose the malfuntioned system. PS. The name should be "Industrial Drives" to be included AC/DC/Servo and Stepper Drives.
  15. Citect V6.0 to A2SHCPU

    Hi all, I have now successfully communicate CITECT V6.0 with Mitsubishi A-series PLC (A2SHCPU) via serial port on CPU module. I mean it doesn't need additional C24 module for A-series. The easy way is to configure the IODevice in Citect using MXCOMP (MX-Component). MX-Component software should include in one of Citect installation CDs. Although the tool is TRIAL Version, it works just like full version with only limited number of stations. Any way it is excellent for P2P applications. Bravo!
  16. Programmable terminals (HMI)

    Hi sandytay, It is hard to say which is the best. Decision is mead based on price, compactibility to the system, getting technical support, etc.,. If you prefer OMRON HMI, you can get many of docs by googling the net.
  17. Timers, counters

    Hi sandytay, There are tons of industrial timers and counters in many catagories. First, you should specify your need expressing type, range , control methods etc.,.
  18. F series PLC

    Hi yammipoh, Have you ever tried it before? I have used this method on the OMRON C200 CPU. I think you should read the EEPROM directly from the GXDeveloper's Tools>Transfer ROM menu. Or may be I am wrong this time. Good luck!
  19. HITACHI H300 CPU03Ha, comunication Error

    Hi shehoxs, Sometimes, you should aware of OS version on which the ACTSIP is installed. I have met that problem previously. The solution may be described in the readme file of ACTSIP installer. Good luck!
  20. Help Me PLC Software Mitsubishi

    Hi, If you still need this, I can really help you. Leave me personal message on this forum showing your em....
  21. S5 PC to PLC Cable

    Hi presario2100, Do you want to build it by yourself? I have a DIY (Do It Yourself) kit. I have tested the cable with S5-95U, S5-100U, S5-115, S5-135 and much more. I can launch it for free.
  22. Password in S7-200

    Hello, I am now servicing a plant controlled by S7-200 (CPU226). By needness, I have to access the PLC online. I can upload/download the main program with STEP7 MicroWin. But I can't enter into the subroutines protected by password. Please give me the solution without need to contact the original machine builder. Thanks a lot.
  23. sinumerik

    Hi Vincent, I have met some problem with SINUMERIK 840D/DI. What types of problem are you facing with now? I have some docs for 840D/DI and PCIM software to handle the NC. If you need those tools I can send them for free.
  24. Greetings

    Hi all, I'm very glad to see you again. Because of my ISP's backbone failure, I'm away from here for a long long time. They (my ISP) said that their Backbone has broken down for 14 days. I think I must advice them to replace the backbone with a steel rod. ( hee hee hee ....) I have been surprised because of a subforum (HMI&SCADA) is here and it runs quickly and smoothly. Thanks a lot.
  25. SCADA section POLL

    Hi all, I think it is time to open a new seperate SCADA forum. Agree it or not?