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  1. 1785-BCM

    I have a couple of them. Not sure of the status. I will have to check to see exactly what I have. Let me know if you are interested. I bought them a long time ago and never got them to work the way I needed them too. So we never used them. I will get the part numbers and revision information.
  2. Regenerative fault.

    Sounds like an application issue. If the motor is being pushed while still energized it will generate electricity. This will raise the DC bus voltage and cause the drive to trip to protect itself. I only know of two solutions: - Get rid of the regenerative condition (fix the check valve) - add DC Bus regenerative braking (ie. resistor bank) Or replace the drive with a regenerative drive
  3. You are pushing down on the mouse wheel. Just push down on the wheel again to turn off scroll mode. This is a mouse feature not the PLC software
  4. Firmware updates

    This is a great question. I have the same issue. With reduced staff and more work, things like keeping track of software and firmware revisions are low on the list. I use a spreadsheet but there definitely needs to be a better way. I hope someone out there has a solution they are willing to share.
  5. RSLogix 5000 Controller not listed

    I had twenty of these at my facility and had to replace all. They had a high failure rate, but the scariest part is that when they failed they would just stop executing the program and the outputs would freeze. This is not a good scenerio for safety reasons. The L30 is a poor product. Rockwell ended up replacing all of them at their cost. If this is controlling real world equipment, I would highly recommend replacing the L30 with the L31 or newer. I believe your version of the software supports the L31.
  6. RSLinx V2.59

    I have the same problem. A new install on two Windows 2008 servers. Can not even launch the RSLinx window. Can't stop the service through the RSLinx service control panel. We have to stop the service through the Control panel & Services. Then we can open the RSLinx window to configure it. Have not had a chance to call tech support yet.
  7. The 2711 uses PanelBuilder32 (software part# 2711-ND3).
  8. I also need a processor or Adapter module to complete the feedback.
  9. PLC5 power supplies must be plugged into the rack. There is a feed back connection on the rack to enable the power supply.
  10. Fanuc Robot Group IO Problem

    Without knowledge of the robotics and no prints.... 28 is bit 3, 4 & 5. (16+8+4). I would check the individual inputs on the GI side. For some reason all three of those inputs maybe getting turned on (instead of just the two that you want). You may have a wiring issue or leakage current and need dropping resistors.
  11. The number one recommendation for all DH+ issues is to very that the installation is done correctly. 90% of the time it is an installation issue. Follow Allen Bradely's specifications.
  12. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I don't believe passthru will work through an ethernet bridge. You have to be directly on the Datahiway. I believe it has something to do with the df1 protocol not supported over ethernet. I never understood it. Why can I program the PLC and not use pass thru??? If anyone has figured it out, I would certainly like to know.
  13. 1769-L30 Firmware version

    The L30 is a discontinued product. I have been replacing them with the L31. I believe v13 is the last release for L30.

    We purchased the upgrade for DOS loader several years ago. DOS loader does not work reliably online with Windows XP. The upgrade is called 620Win Loader. We got cables with Honeywell PC card. I have never made up a cable, because the cable has a power supply/RS485 converter built into it. It is simplier to purchase and get it right the first time. I believe you can still get the cable from Honeywell.
  15. ML1400 Analog Conversion

    V=IR 10Volts = 20ma times 500 ohms so a 500 ohm resistor will give you 2 - 10 volts