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  1. RSNetworks for ControlNet, Set up a unit on the network as the Master and the rest as slaves, save the configuration and download to Master. The Key to ControlNet is Cabling!!!!!!!!! I have lost track of how many times I have gone to customers and redid the BNC ends on cables because of communication problems. Also if you are setting up a big network, be carefull how you address PanelViews, AB says no more than 3 PanelViews per ControlNet Network you can do more but you have to watch it if you are using Scheduled Messaging. Go EthernetI/P is what I recommend, I hate ControlNet and can not find any reason to use it, considering the other networks that are available.

  2. Hopefully you are working with a SLC50X to use the SCL. The SCL works Great for "Scaleing", to get a proportional output driven from your input. This is nothing like a PID! PID output is driven primarily by the Error between you Setpoint and your Process Value. For Tempature control you probably are going to want to use a PID, especially if you want to keep the fluctuation to a minimum.

  3. Yea they are Entek modules. at least the units that they had acouple of years ago worked great, setting them up can be a bit tricky, but quite reliable and accurate. Mount a few accererometers on some bearing housings and items like that, and collect the data. It is probably one of the most costly things you can do as far as Predicitve Maintenance Forecasting, but we found that it quickly pays for itself.

  4. Depending on the MicoLogix you have. If you have an Analog output, you could address it out to an genaric LED display, depending on the accuracy that you need. Otherwise I would use something like the PicoGFX or even a EZAutomation EZText Display for around 200-250. I am sure that there are probably other methods but these are the cheapest that I have used and know that would work.

  5. I tried using HyperTerminal with no problems. I also have tried choosing the Network Option (using RSLinx) and even did the station browse and it found the PV1400e but yet after I hit apply and then OK to get back to the Main screen, I hit upload, and immediatly it comes up with Cannot obtain comport. It is kind of strange, I almost think it is a problem with the Transfer Utility, but I am not sure what caused it or what is wrong for sure to prevent it from occuring in the future or even what the best method of correction to get me back up and running. I might have to get with AB and signup for another service contract for a year.

  6. For some reason during the last two weeks of Windows XPSP2 updates something got screwwy. I have had no problems with this for the last couple of years and now, I take a two week break and I can't download or upload to a PanelView 1400e serially. I keep getting "Cannot obtain com port". I have tried not running Linx and running Linx, and verified that Linx was not running as a service. I can see the panel view through linx but the Transfer Utility still won't work. Has any one else had this problem lately? I guess I will either reinstall the transfer utility and or PB1400E, or even uninstall the last couple of MS updates that came out the last couple of weeks, because I haven't installed any new programs or anything like that.

  7. If I am understanding you right, I personally have shyed away from proprietary systems, MSSQL (not that MSSQL isn't) is largly supported as you say and there are many ways of doing it with AB as an example RSLinx Pro, Dev, or Gateway versions use OPC or DDE Topics. I have also done it with Serially via a Visual Basic Module. For wide spread HMI distribution I have used several different things, ranging from fancier Operator interfaces with built in web servers, such as Red Lion interfacing to AB, or even to RSView. Newer versions of RSView (FactoryTalk products) you can brouse across the network get the data points right from the controller as you build your app, so network addressing is almost nonexistant. The main question I or my customers have is, if there is a problem, who is the backup support provider for the system. This is a large factor that most of the time out-weights the cost, because the answer that I hear is something like Rockwell, or another integrater, which most commonly has AB Knoledge and not MSSQL or any other DB knoledge, with the exception of RSSQL. So most of the compnaies that I deal with will go with an all Rockwell Solution, because they are not the billion dollar or even million company even though AB cost more. If I told you how much Rockwell / AB pisses me off with there support system and pricing system, at this point you probably wouldn't believe me. At least around Southwestern MI, the AB support and distribution compaines are so readily, unfortunatly most people go with what is right in front of them. As for Oracle, I don't know of anyone around here that supports it. I only know of one company around here that even uses it, and it is not being used inconjunction with and industrial automation. I support MSSQL, and Access, and only in conjunction with industrial automation.

  8. I am in the process of converting an old PLC5 to L55M13 CLX, so far everything no real problems. Although I have several Program Conversions Errors, PCE. Error/Warning Message ID 110 Error Locator ID PCE001 I believe that I found the error with that specific rung but I would feel a lot more comfortable if I knew exactly what the Error meant. I am having difficulty finding any information on the PCE Errors.