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  1. I think I am Brain Dead today, or it has just been too long since I've played with RIO. I am using a Control Logix 1756-DHRIO Ser. B going to a 1794-ASB Ser. C In the Tree, the 1756-DHRIO is fine. The 1794-ASB shows IO Faulted, Module Fault Code 16#0312 Connection Request Error: Invalid Link Address. I have the "Blue Hose" with 150 Ohm Resistor on each end with a total Length of 10 feet. Both Channel A and B are setup for RIO on the 1756-DHRIO Channel A is addressed as "01" and Channel B is "02" Status Window states "A IO SCAN, A OK, B IO SCAN, OFF LINE" (B is not connected / not being used) Channel A Light is Flashing Red Channel B Light is Off Power LED is On Green 1794-ASB Switch 1, 1=on, 2=on, 3=on, 4=on, 5=on, 6=on, 7=on, 8=on Switch 2, 1=on, 2=on, 3=on, 4=on, 5=on, 6=on, 7=off, 8=on I/O Rack number should be 0 First I/O Group should be 0 Baud should be 57.6k All LEDs are off, they turn on temporarily on power up. There is one 1794-TB3 connected with a 1794-IB8S I just can't seem to figure out what I am missing. Attached is the RSLogix 5000 file as well. test.ACD
  2. Thanks after reading your post the module does restart but fortunatly the Compact Logix doesn't worry about that too much so everything kept going.
  3. I have a 1769-HSC rev A on a Compact Logix system. I can't seam to remember and my searching has come up short. I need to change the Mode of the Ch0 input, will this require the controller or module to restart? Currently we can't take this system offline or even restart it at this point in time and I don't want to mess up and since I can't remember, any help is appreciated!!!
  4. Honeywell HC900-C50 Error

    We have a Honeywell HC900-C50 that randomly faults out and so far the only thing I have been able to determine is that it is an "Abort Error", or at least when it is flashing red 3 times. I have been told that it has come up and flashed 2 times red, but I have not seen that yet. Here is something that stood out to me, although I don't know what it means: Hardware Okay - OFF ???? FYI: CPU REV. 2.1 Code REV. 2.3 I thought I had read that the program had to be the created for the proper firmware otherwise it would potentially cause a fault, although I am not sure if the above is pointing this out or not. Ant help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. VB OPC

    Does any one know of any examples of any Visual Basic OPC to RSLinx Examples? I have found plenty of DDE examples, but none using OPC. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. CNC Controller

    Thank you very much.... I will start lookiing, I never thought about looking at the "Fine Print".
  7. Has any one seen one of these? If so where can I find any information on this. AB says that they don't recognize the any of the information. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
  8. What is the Current Series of the MicroLogix 1400's, in particular a 1766-32AWA?
  9. It might vary a little depending on the cable that you are currently using. If my memory serves me right, on the PLC DB9 connector Pin 2 goes to Pin 3 on the DB9 of the screen then from Pin 2 on the screen most likely goes to Pin 3 on the Scanner then from Pin 2 on the scanner it would go to Pin 3 on the PLC. Pins 2 and 3 are the Transmit and the other is Recieve for most devices. From what I remember the PLC does use some of the other pins as well, and you will have to check the scanner to se what it requires. Something along the lines of the picture should work. Just verify the scanner output.
  10. Has anyone seen this error before, when attempting to access the Communication Tab via the Editor. The what is strange to me is that I only have this problem with New Files. Any old ones that that were previously functional I can access everything without a problem, it is only new programs that I am having trouble with. I know it has been 6 months since I have used one of these but I can't seem to figure out what I am forgetting. Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Component PanelView Issue

    I am getting closer. I am starting to think that it is a setting with in Internet Explorer. I tried it on a different computer and ended up with all kinds of different problems, then on a third computer and everthing worked perfectly. Now I am just trying to narrow down what the differences are between the computers.
  12. I know this thread has been out for a little while, TW I haven't had any trouble getting any of the modules, The only thing I haven't been able to get is a MicroLogix 1500 Base, in any configuration (AWA, BXB, BWA...) If any of you are still looking for a 1400 I do have one on the shelf in a factory sealed box, I can sell if you really need it.
  13. You can Daisy Chain the serial Just make sure the Node Address is different on each device. I can't remember how many total devices you can get but I know it is more than 3.
  14. I have been looking for a while now and have been unable to find the software for the Ultra 200 Series Drives. Does anyone know if it is still available on Rockwell's web site?I thought it was called UltraMaster, which I have found all kinds of things with exception of where to get the software. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  15. Understanding / Learning S5 Logic

    Here are the Files
  16. Understanding / Learning S5 Logic

    I am looking at a Print out and I am trying to understand what is happinging and after quite a bit of reading there is still a lot I a am lost at. Segment 2 : UN M 36.0 SPB FB 181 NAME E DB 11 *** Segment 3 : SPA PB 1 *** What is the UN. The M 36.0 is just Memory Bit 0 of Byte 36. I know that the SP* is to call a different areas of code. but what is the difference between A and B in this example. I am not sure what the Name does or the E does. DB 11 is just full of Hex Values (KH 0000 and stuff like that).
  17. Understanding / Learning S5 Logic

    I can post the S5 Files if that Helps
  18. Understanding / Learning S5 Logic

    Back to where I got Lost..... I think I am on track, BCD : FW 48 SBCD : F 60.2 DUAL : FW 50 :L KM 00000011 11100111 :L FW 50 :-F :T FW 52 This is Taking FW48 and F60.2 Converting them to FW50? Then subtracting FW50 from 999 (in binary) placing the result in FW52, Correct? Then :JU FB 241 Name :COD:16 DUAL : FW 52 SBCD : F 60.2 BCD2 : FY 61 BCD1 : FW 18 This is just converting the answer back to BCD, Correct? Then :JU FB 5 Name :GROBDOS. ANGR : FW 24 ZD+ : F 8.2 ZD- : F 8.3 FRUE : F 7.0 WAAK : I 1.5 ENTL : Q 9.2 KLS : Q 10.1 This is Jumping to FB 5 Which uses the next stuff, but the next stuff I don't have a clue. Just incase I am attaching the Print out of the program if that helps. Buehler.pdf
  19. Understanding / Learning S5 Logic

    Sorry for the long delay on the Thanks Guys, but Thanks Very Much! So it is the "Current Time" that is refered to on page 216 of the Manual, correct?
  20. Understanding / Learning S5 Logic

    Sorry for all the "Dumb Questions" but I am almost up to speed. Here is one area of the program that I am getting lost in. Segment 1 of 4 Lib = Name :HILFSGDO :*** Segment 2 of 4 :AN F 60.1 :JC =M001 :L FW 54 :T FW 48 M001 :*** Segment 3 of 4 :JU FB 240 Name :COD:B4 BCD : FW 48 SBCD : F 60.2 DUAL : FW 50 :L KM 00000011 11100111 :L FW 50 :-F :T FW 52 :JU FB 241 Name :COD:16 DUAL : FW 52 SBCD : F 60.2 BCD2 : FY 61 BCD1 : FW 18 :JU FB 5 Name :GROBDOS. ANGR : FW 24 ZD+ : F 8.2 ZD- : F 8.3 FRUE : F 7.0 WAAK : I 1.5 ENTL : Q 9.2 KLS : Q 10.1 :*** Segment 4 of 4 :BE If I still don't know what the Name thing is but of I understand Segment 2 it means: If Not F60.1 Then Jump to the next M001 / End of this segment (in this case). Segment 3 First we are jumping to FB240 then I get lost quick, in all the manuals that I have, I can't seem to find any thing on the SBCD or DUAL. Now in FB240 here is the little bit of code, if it helps. Segment 1 of 1 Lib = Name :COD:B4 Decl :BCD I/Q/D/B/T/C: I BI/BY/W/D: W Decl :SBCD I/Q/D/B/T/C: I BI/BY/W/D: BI Decl :DUAL I/Q/D/B/T/C: Q BI/BY/W/D: W :BE ANY help is greatly appreciated!!!
  21. Understanding / Learning S5 Logic

    Thanks again! Just so I am for sure, 999 would be 999 * 0.01 = 9.99 Seconds Thinking of Timers SP Pulse Timer in the book is described as: Start timer (stored in ACCU 1-L) as pulse (start timer with continuous enable). Does this just give Q a single one time TRUE once the timer Times out? so if KT 999.0....Would mean every 9.99 seconds Q is True for one scan, and as long as it is enabled will it pulse again after another 9.99 Seconds, or does it have to lose the enable to reset it? The last thing, here is teh code from my print out: :L KT 0999.0 :SP T 4 :NOP 0 :NOP 0 :LD T 4 :T FW 54 :NOP 0 A different program (S5 S7 for Windows calls it DEZ) but what is the ":T FW 54" in the timer.... I know that it is moving the value to of DEZ to Word 54, but would that be the time as it is counting value / Accumulative value of the timer?
  22. Understanding / Learning S5 Logic

    Thank You Moogie! What is the Time base for Timers on the S5? Would KT 100.0 = 1 Second?
  23. Is there any Conversion tools to translate Siemans S5 or S7 to ControlLogix?
  24. Understanding / Learning S5 Logic

    I think I discovered part of the issue. Ot looks like this printout was done with an aftermarket software. So I have some of this Figured out but here is an other example of a few things that I am trying to get upto speed on: Segment 1 of 5 Lib = Name :E DB 11 :*** Segment 2 of 5 : :L KF 30 :G DB 11 :*** Segment 3 of 5 :C DB 11 :L KT 0350.0 :T DW 7 :L KT 0240.0 :T DW 8 :L KT 0060.0 :T DW 9 :L KT 0000.0 :T DW 11 :L KT 0010.1 :T DW 12 :L KT 0030.1 :T DW 13 :L KT 0000.0 :T DW 14 :L KT 0050.1 :T DW 15 : :L KT 0100.1 :T DW 16 :L KT 0000.0 :T DW 17 :L KT 0000.0 :T DW 18 :L KT 0000.0 :T DW 19 :L KT 0000.0 :T DW 20 : :*** Segment 4 of 5 : :L KT 0000.1 :T DW 21 :L KT 0040.1 :T DW 22 :L KT 0030.0 :T DW 23 :L KT 0005.0 :T DW 24 :L KT 0030.1 :T DW 25 : :L KT 0000.0 :T DW 26 :L KT 0000.0 :T DW 27 :L KT 0000.0 :T DW 28 :L KT 0000.0 :T DW 29 :L KT 0000.0 :T DW 30 :*** Segment 5 of 5 :AN F 36.0 :S F 36.0 : :BE Not sure what the "Name :E DB 11" is. If I understand the Segment 2 We are basically creating DB11 and it will contain 30 words Correct? Segment 3, we are opening DB11, then setting DW7 to = Time Constant = 350.0 ? Segment 5, If Flag 36.0 = 1 then Set Flag 36.0 = 1........... Correct?
  25. It has been way too long since I have had to mess with RIO and now I can't seem to remember what I need. Over Remote IO I connected to two IB32s and two OB32s via 1794-ASB1.1. When I set it up in Logix 5000 13.04 My data table is only INTs not DINT, for the 32 points. What do I need to do to see the second 16 bits? On the Inputs I see the first 16 but not the second, and on the Outputs I can't get them to function at all (I am guessing that it is because the data is out of place). Any help is greatly appreciated!