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  1. Cables For Dh+ Network

    Hi All In order to communication SLC 5/04 processors over DH+ network, do i have to use the recommended belden cables or any belden cable should do the work? If i dont have the recommended belden cable what would be my best bet?
  2. Slc 5/04 Communication

    Ok, i guess after taking a look at the rockwell knowledge base examples for SLC communication, i think our plc is acting like a slave, just giving what the site plc (Master) is asking? So in this case i dont think i need any msg instructions or stuff, all i need is to make a data file, place all the required data addresses in it and maps the read and write values back to the main program. Now the problem is i have a lot of data addresses of type bits, inetgers, etc how can i gather them under one msg data file and how can i map these values back to the main program? any help would be appreciated in this regard
  3. Slc 5/04 Communication

    Hi Moore Thanks a lot for your efficient advice and guidance. Yeah that makes more sense that if i make a msg file in my plc. In this way i have a few questions regarding msg file: 1) can i make one data file that contains all bits, integers, floating points etc? or a msg file has a special structure? 2)what really you mean by map the required words? 3) by saying coping or mov instruction, you mean to say a particular address that is required shd be moving into the msg file? really dont understand this Thanks very much in advance
  4. Slc 5/04 Communication

    Thanks Ken Moore for your kind advice. First of all, the client wants a integer data file or files in our plc so that they msg back and forth to and from the site plc. So in this context how would i implement it. do i have to create a data file containing all the addresses which he is interested in reading and writing from a site plc? if yes, then how can i implement it..... I guess my job is just to make the data available at DH+ network.... Regards
  5. Slc 5/04 Communication

    Hi There Well i have got a very tight deadline on this project, and the surprising thing is i didnt even write the existing code. Before i tell you the problem, let me explain you a little background: we have a SLC5/04 working at the site and it is communicating over DH+ network. Now the problem is as follows: The client want us to read from and write to this plc through a site plc which is another SLC over DH+ network. He has given us a list of data file addresses (some of them are R/W or some of them are only write or read), which he wants to us to make them available on DH+ network. In other words, he is looking for a integer data file or files that he can message back and forth to and from the site PLC so that he can read the information and write to them as well. The datafile adddresses are in bit and integer formats. Like i have already introduced myself on this forum a novice programmer, so i really have no clue how to do it, if anyone of you can help me out in this regard, it will make my life so easy. Thanks in advance. PLCnovice
  6. Rslogix 500 Project

    Hi Alaric Thank you very much for your beautiful explanation, it really clears me a lot of things in my mind. One more thing i would like to ask you, when you first time install the plc on an application and connect it with the field instruments like sensors and stuff, how would it read data from it. there is a possiblity that the data it is being read from the input modules is not stable. How do we check all this and how can we make a safe program depending upon this situation. Thanks a lot plcnovice
  7. Rslogix5000 , Logic Does Not Seem To Be Workin!1

    Hi Alaric How can i use a periodic task, can u provide some example with? Thanks in advance Regards
  8. Hi There I am trying to accomplish following in RSLogix5000: i want to count hours and i have a subroutine for this, the thing is i want to go into that subroutine only when the Time has passed one minute regardless of the number of scan. I only want to go into that routine when 60 seconds has elapsed then goes into the routine, update the time come back and then wait for the next time when the conition met. For this i am using a timer for 60 seconds when the 60 seconds elapsed the timer turns on the output (which is a internal bit) i used that bit and test the limit if the limit mets the creteria then it goes in...but logic doesn't seem to work they wayi explain. Please try to help me out in this. Thanks in advance. Regards
  9. Rslogix 500 Project

    Hi Ron Beaufort Thanks a lot for you reply. The thing is my question is more generic. Like i want to know inside out about RSlogix 500 so that i can understand my project. Right now i dont know how the data files work, what is the purpose of data table databases and how input module and output module work? Also, once the program is downloaded and first time run, how does the plc read the inputs from the real world? is there any starting values we give in our ladder? all these kind of things. If you can make me understand all this then i believe handlin my project would be so easier for me. Once again thanks a lot. Regards PLCNovice
  10. Rslogix 500 Project

    Hi All I am totally new to RSLogix 500 programming enviornment. And i am pretty confused with all the terminology it is using to create and manage a project. I was just wondering is there any good tutorial on RSLogix 500 that will guide me step by step procedure of the project in more general sense. To be more specific, i am not quite confidant with the data files and data table databases. For example, output data file and the input data files, according to my understanding, output file should have output modules configuration and input files should have input module configuration. But i am looking on a project, and it confused me totally, its input file has the information for input modules as well as output modules and so as output file. So right now i dont know whats going on in that project. If some one can elaborate to me the the RSLogix 500 project may be if you guys have some example project it will be a great favor to me. Thanks in advance PLCNovice
  11. Compact Logix/modbus Protocol

    Hi Eddie Well thank you very much for your expert advice. Are you talking about "Sample logic using the SLogix 5000 sample program. You are certainly correct that why would we need to spend time on it why no just use prosoft module. The thing is we have huge projects going on like this. and that is why for every project adding a prosoft module will cost us money, therefore to reduce the project cost and due to the regularity of these projects we decide not to use Prosoft modules. As you said there is some definicies in the program which i think you mean to say bugs which will prevent the program to run properly right? how could i be able to remove the bugs? if possible......... As for as the modbus devices which i need to communicate are concerned, basically its a engine system module in a compressor which only works as a modbus salve on the modbus network. and we use these modules extensively in our thats a primary reason that i put up this question. Eddie i would really appreciate you if you help me out in figuring out this issue..........thanks in advance PLCNOVICE
  12. Compact Logix/modbus Protocol

    Hi There This is my first time on this forum and i am throwing my first post. In fact the reason behind this is that i am pretty new to the PLC programming world. Alright lets get back to business. I have a project to do, whose description is as follows. We need to make compactLogic processor communicate with the modbus devices over the modbus protocol. The thing is Compact Logix does not support Modbus protocol without putting a Prosoft Hardware module (MVI69-MCM). My job is to communicate compact logix PLC with the modbus devices without the use of any hardware module. Such as writing the read and write functions for modbus in ladder logic program something like that!!!!! I have no idea how to do it. Any suggestion or ideas will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.