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  1. Does anyone have a copy of DTAM microview 2707 software? I have authorization to have this software but RA does not support this or distribute it anymore.
  2. I need to Migrate 10 micro logics 1100/1400s. They are all in the same room but in different cabinets. Changing any wiring would be expensive and not an option. They all have small projects and have between 0 and 30 I/O each. The processes are critical and can not shut down or be unreliable in any way. Option one: Micro 800s and CCW.   I realize this is the straight forward answer but my customer hates CCW and may refuse this. Option two: Install one nice modern controller to replace all of them and use remote I/O. This is my first instinct but I am worried about these critical processes now depending on Ethernet networking to function, I doubt the customer wants to pay for network upgrades. Option three: Multiple compact logics i.e. L306s To me this is nice, but overkill and expensive.   Any better option?   Open to opinions