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  1. Gx Simulator3 and TCP modbus

    Hi, do you find any way to connect it ? I'm trying to do the same but I didn't find any way to do that.
  2. Modbus Tcp Ip Simulate

    Hi guys I need to test some code in an FX5U PLC,  but I don't have the PLC here so I'm trying to simulate it in melsoft gx works 3, but how I can test the Modbus tcp/ip if I do not have an IP address for the plc  someone has ever communicate both software, gx works 3 an som modbus master software ??
  3. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    Hi Dave.  thanks for your help, the problem is that I don't understand how  Modbus TCP-IP (slave) works, for example, I'm sending some registers D1 until D34 but when I checked it on the Modbus pull it says (read error, write error), I don't know why it happened if  I'm sending the wrong type of data or is something different.  and also y need to receive some data from a master that is allocated in the Modbus direction 42000 - 42059 so I don't know how to set up it, if I only need to use D42000 to D42059, or how I can direct that data to a usable variable, I'm kind of confused 
  4. Modbus Tcp Ip

    Hi everyone I'm new programming this plc, I need to create a Modbus table with some Modbus adrres, my plc needs to act like a slave and a SCADA gonna send me some data, but I don't know how to set up it,  the manual talks about SP.SOCOPEN  but I don't understand how it works, and how to set up it. could someone help me     
  5. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    Hi everyone someone can explain to me how to use Modbus TCP IP as a slave in a Mitsubishi fx5u ?? I'm not sure how to start it and the manual is confusing me cuss there are too many ways to config it.