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  1. Mitsubishi FX5 read/write from PC with nodejs

    Hi DavidOtt I have made tests with this Node for Node Red. works find with FX5U. Maybe you can read the code behind this Node? node-red-contrib-mcprotocol (node) - Node-RED (nodered.org) I wish you success Dave
  2. Predefined Protocol Q/LCPU to Slow

    Yes, I work for Omni Ray AG which is the representative of Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation in Switzerland. Unfortunately, I'm more likely to get help here than at the European headquarters. And you?
  3. Predefined Protocol Q/LCPU to Slow

    Hi DWIM Thanks for your answer. My L-CPU doesn't have much to do. Cycle time approx. 2.5ms. It's more of a problem with the predefined protocol. I made communication with many stations with FX5U and Ethernet / IP - Module. With 30 slaves from Moxa (ioLogik E1214) Unfortunately I can't remember the total transmission time. Really fast communication is possible with iQ-R and CCLINK IE Field, but it is very expensive.
  4. Hello, everyone I have to query a SICK distance sensor from an L26CPU via the onboard Ethernet interface. I have created a simple protocol which I start with the function block SP_ECPRTCL. Unfortunately it takes at least 25ms until the next telegram is started. The sensor responds within approx. 1.5ms. Does anyone know whether that works faster or is that a limitation when using the predefined protocols? Sensor manual:  OD5000, 8021391 (sick.com)  (Chapter 7.4) I am grateful for all the hints. Thanks and regards Dave SICK_Protocol.tpc Messaufbau_vTest.gxw
  5. GX Works 2, Simple ladder, two dimensional array

    Thank you, good suggestion. I just have to find out how it works. I never use ladder certainly not inline ST ..
  6. Hi there I have to use simple ladder in GX Works 2 with System-Q. I need to handle a two dimensional array. That seems not to work because I became a Error message. (Screenshot) abTest[1] works, abTest2[1,2] doesn't In ST everything works fine. Thank you in advance
  7. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    What do you mean by your message? With the newer Firmware for FX5U, Modbus-TCP Server is natively available. To download the demo project above, you have to be registered on this site.
  8. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    Update: Modbus-TCP Server functionality is now possible without any FB. (Firmware 1.60 an above). All the necessary settings are now located in the parameter section.
  9. Hi Clearmind.

    For a customer we need the confirmation of the Russian EAC approval.
    It is about iQ-R and GOT2000. Do you know this EAC? Is this supported by Mitsusbishi? Thanks already for an answer. All the best Dave

  10. Connecting FX3U-ENET with FX3GE over Ethernet

    Finally it works great! FX3U Read / Write D-Register from Slave FX3GE.
  11. Connecting FX3U-ENET with FX3GE over Ethernet

    Hi Gambit Can you give me a name of the library, because I don't find anything suitable. I have found: " FX Series - GX Works2 - Ethernet - EthernetFX3FixedBuffer_GW2_V101 " but I think that's not the right way. In this moment I found  "EthernetFX3MC_GW2_V100" maybe it is what I need. I will inform you here.
  12. Hello everybody. I am looking for a solution for an FX3U with mounted FX3U-ENET on the right, to communicate with an FX3GE. I need to read and write some device in the FX3GE from the FX3U. I have made a paired connection in the FX3U-ENET module and made an MC connection in the FX3G. But how can I send or read data? Is there another solution apart from the MC-Protocoll? I am using GXW2 version 1.551z. Languages: ST or FBD Thank you in advance Dave
  13. Create a *.csv file

    Which CPU do you use? With L-series or System-Q with SD card, you can set up a logging and save as CSV on the SD card. With the FTP server on the CPU switched on, an FTP client should then be able to be fetch the file. I have never tried this and therefore I don't know how to access the SD card via FTP  . But this solution would be free
  14. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    I have a solution from Mitsubishi. It looks like the on board Ethernet is compatible with System-Q and L-Series. In the attachment you find a demo project for GX Works3 which is based on the library "LQnUDEModbusTCP_GW2_V110". This project works fine with my FX5U. So Modbus-TCP server and client is possible with FX5U without big  effort. FX5ModbusTCP_GW3_V100.gx3
  15. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    Thanks for your fast reply. The FX3U is too old-fashioned for me. Do you know whether the FX3U-ENET P502 works together with the FX5U? There should be an adapter for using with the old modules, as far as I know. The new, fast bus becomes then obsolete but nevertheless .. Dave