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  1. GX Works 2, Simple ladder, two dimensional array

    Thank you, good suggestion. I just have to find out how it works. I never use ladder certainly not inline ST ..
  2. Hi there I have to use simple ladder in GX Works 2 with System-Q. I need to handle a two dimensional array. That seems not to work because I became a Error message. (Screenshot) abTest[1] works, abTest2[1,2] doesn't In ST everything works fine. Thank you in advance
  3. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    What do you mean by your message? With the newer Firmware for FX5U, Modbus-TCP Server is natively available. To download the demo project above, you have to be registered on this site.
  4. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    Update: Modbus-TCP Server functionality is now possible without any FB. (Firmware 1.60 an above). All the necessary settings are now located in the parameter section.
  5. Hi Clearmind.

    For a customer we need the confirmation of the Russian EAC approval.
    It is about iQ-R and GOT2000. Do you know this EAC? Is this supported by Mitsusbishi? Thanks already for an answer. All the best Dave

  6. Connecting FX3U-ENET with FX3GE over Ethernet

    Finally it works great! FX3U Read / Write D-Register from Slave FX3GE.
  7. Connecting FX3U-ENET with FX3GE over Ethernet

    Hi Gambit Can you give me a name of the library, because I don't find anything suitable. I have found: " FX Series - GX Works2 - Ethernet - EthernetFX3FixedBuffer_GW2_V101 " but I think that's not the right way. In this moment I found  "EthernetFX3MC_GW2_V100" maybe it is what I need. I will inform you here.
  8. Hello everybody. I am looking for a solution for an FX3U with mounted FX3U-ENET on the right, to communicate with an FX3GE. I need to read and write some device in the FX3GE from the FX3U. I have made a paired connection in the FX3U-ENET module and made an MC connection in the FX3G. But how can I send or read data? Is there another solution apart from the MC-Protocoll? I am using GXW2 version 1.551z. Languages: ST or FBD Thank you in advance Dave
  9. Create a *.csv file

    Which CPU do you use? With L-series or System-Q with SD card, you can set up a logging and save as CSV on the SD card. With the FTP server on the CPU switched on, an FTP client should then be able to be fetch the file. I have never tried this and therefore I don't know how to access the SD card via FTP  . But this solution would be free
  10. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    I have a solution from Mitsubishi. It looks like the on board Ethernet is compatible with System-Q and L-Series. In the attachment you find a demo project for GX Works3 which is based on the library "LQnUDEModbusTCP_GW2_V110". This project works fine with my FX5U. So Modbus-TCP server and client is possible with FX5U without big  effort. FX5ModbusTCP_GW3_V100.gx3
  11. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    Thanks for your fast reply. The FX3U is too old-fashioned for me. Do you know whether the FX3U-ENET P502 works together with the FX5U? There should be an adapter for using with the old modules, as far as I know. The new, fast bus becomes then obsolete but nevertheless .. Dave
  12. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    Hello everybody. I need a solution for Modbus-TCP server on the PLC. With the FX3U it would work with the FX3U-ENET module. The internal interface of the FX5U should actually be able to work with the library of the FX3U (FX3GModbusTCPServer_GW2_V100) or not? Because a socket connection is now possible. I would be happy about suggestions. Dave
  13. FX3GE front port communication problem FX3G-485-BD

    In FX3GE the CH1 is used by Ethernet. Use CH2 vor BD-Boards.