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  1. How can i limit MRJ4 servo load?

    Hi, If the torque limits should be fixed, the parameters PA11/12 can be used. If the limit is reached, the TLC output is set. However, the torque limit could also be set via an analogue input. You can find all the information in the MR-J4-A manual: External Link I wish you success Dave
  2. GOT-Barcode reader

    Sorry late, USB barcode scanner works fine with GOT 2000 at least with GT25 / GT27
  3. How to check for spare point from PLC program?

    Same with GX Works3 or use "Cross Reference"
  4. Retentive Timer on GX Works 3

    R64P is the power supply. OK, I'm late but I've already taken this screenshot. Maybe it helps someone else. Dave
  5. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    Just to clarify, with Modbus the slave is called the server. This never sends anything on its own. The client (master) reads and writes data provided by the server. Here is an example in which the holding registers 40000..40033 are mapped to the device D1..D34. Also register 42000..42059 to D100..D159. A client can than write and read only in these areas. You can configure this freely according to your needs. For testing I always use the tool QmodMaster a free master for MB-TCP and RTU Dave Settings Test: One important thing: the slave ID / slave address must be 255. (See screenshot) This could be your problem.   FX5U_MB-TCP-Server.gx3
  6. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    For a step by step solution for MB-TCP Server (Slave): - Download the manual JY997D56101 to e-manual viewer. - Put this site-ID in the search field of the "e-maual viewer" and select PAGE in Filter section. JY997D56101-BF If you don't change anything in the settings here:  JY997D56101-C3.P2, all registers of the PLC are available on Modbus. If this is not what you want, delete the unwanted registers there: If that doesn't help you, describe your problem in more detail. Dave  
  7. FR-A740

    Hi I think the option module FR-A7AN give you two more analog outputs. (4..20 mA) There may be other modules as well Greetings Dave
  8. serial input string

    I don't speak ladder but in ST I would do it like this. Maybe that helps. Greetings Dave P.S. If you need INT not REAL (with one decimal place) you can add this at the end. nResult := REAL_TO_INT(rResult * 10.0);
  9. Mitsubishi FX5 read/write from PC with nodejs

    Hi DavidOtt I have made tests with this Node for Node Red. works find with FX5U. Maybe you can read the code behind this Node? node-red-contrib-mcprotocol (node) - Node-RED (nodered.org) I wish you success Dave
  10. Predefined Protocol Q/LCPU to Slow

    Yes, I work for Omni Ray AG which is the representative of Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation in Switzerland. Unfortunately, I'm more likely to get help here than at the European headquarters. And you?
  11. Predefined Protocol Q/LCPU to Slow

    Hi DWIM Thanks for your answer. My L-CPU doesn't have much to do. Cycle time approx. 2.5ms. It's more of a problem with the predefined protocol. I made communication with many stations with FX5U and Ethernet / IP - Module. With 30 slaves from Moxa (ioLogik E1214) Unfortunately I can't remember the total transmission time. Really fast communication is possible with iQ-R and CCLINK IE Field, but it is very expensive.
  12. Hello, everyone I have to query a SICK distance sensor from an L26CPU via the onboard Ethernet interface. I have created a simple protocol which I start with the function block SP_ECPRTCL. Unfortunately it takes at least 25ms until the next telegram is started. The sensor responds within approx. 1.5ms. Does anyone know whether that works faster or is that a limitation when using the predefined protocols? Sensor manual:  OD5000, 8021391 (sick.com)  (Chapter 7.4) I am grateful for all the hints. Thanks and regards Dave SICK_Protocol.tpc Messaufbau_vTest.gxw
  13. GX Works 2, Simple ladder, two dimensional array

    Thank you, good suggestion. I just have to find out how it works. I never use ladder certainly not inline ST ..
  14. Hi there I have to use simple ladder in GX Works 2 with System-Q. I need to handle a two dimensional array. That seems not to work because I became a Error message. (Screenshot) abTest[1] works, abTest2[1,2] doesn't In ST everything works fine. Thank you in advance
  15. FX5U Modbus-TCP Server (Slave)

    What do you mean by your message? With the newer Firmware for FX5U, Modbus-TCP Server is natively available. To download the demo project above, you have to be registered on this site.