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  1. Hi, I'm new to Studio 5000 and servo programming. I created a file with CompactLogix and Kinetix 5500, but not sure where and how to start. Like to write a simple program with a button to jog, a button to run for some amount of revolution. Attached a file that I created. Thanks servo_test_1.ACD
  2. panelviewplus newbie

    Thanks again Joe E. I was able to do test, play and stop. Thanks
  3. panelviewplus newbie

    Can i go online to panelview plus like i go on line to plc with rslogix? How do it do it? There're a recipe screens on pvp and like to get screen shots of those. Thanks
  4. panelviewplus newbie

    Thanks Joe E. I got it.
  5. I'm trying to upload from pvplus to our company laptop. I can't find rslinxenterprise after i started Me transfer utility. Am I doing it wrong? IP address is for Pvplus. I can see it on Rslinx Classic. Please see attached jpeg image. Thanks  
  6. PanelView 550 2711-B5A2 How can I find out which series or revision does not use fiber optics and halogen bulb? Thanks
  7. When i plug the power I only see RUN LED is on. Both DH485 and RS232 LEDs are off. I can not go online to PLC. It was working fine till someone did some changes in channel settings and downloaded it to PLC. After that no more communication. How can I get it back to online. Thanks
  8. Panelview Plus 600 touch screen glass is broken. I like to know if anybody replaced it before. I have removed the curcuit board and everything but glass is stuck and not able to remove it. Need instruction on that. Thanks
  9. PV plus 600 config screen

    There's no white square, nothing at all. As soon as I turn it on it shows the screen below. I connected laptop and was ale to save it as mer file. Now when I transfer it to another PV Plus 600 via thumb drive, it shows error: wrong firmware. What do i do next. Thanks
  10. How can I get to configure screen? I can't find a white dot. I tried usb keyboard ctrl, alt, shift, windows key and didn't work. When it boots up it shows pic below. Thanks
  11. What voltage do I need for encoder to work on HSC input for micrologix 1000? Thanks
  12. We have B&R PLC CP260 in one of our injection machine. PLC went bad and installed new PLC. How can I load programs from PC (PCMCIA) card to plc? Need instruction. Thanks
  13. Thanks! One more question. Do I need crossover cable to hook up from laptop to plc for BootP? Thanks
  14. Finally i got the usb driver working. I had to plug in and out several times. It shows, 1769-L18ER-BB1B. Does it mean the ip address is zero or no ip address? Thanks