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  1. Omron NJ101 9020 SMTP error

    @CrossbowThank you for the response. But unfortunately neither i or my colleagues can find any difference in the configuration in the PLC's. Its quite random and we are currently on talk with Omron to find a solution. Like i said, as this error code "2005" is unknown, its a bit a hard to troubleshoot as we don't know what we are looking for. Thanks for taking time to help me out, but at this point i think i will have to wait for an output from the manufacturer. I was hoping i would find someone here who might have faced similar issue and can shed some light into the situation.  Thank you.
  2. Omron NJ101 9020 SMTP error

    Hi @Crossbow Thank you so much for the reply. There are no changes to the  mail server nor there was any update on the router or firewall. I've confirmed this with our IT department. We have other PLC's, same model and executing almost exactly the same operation on other machines sending emails without failure. It so confusing that the error ID 2005 is not found anywhere.  
  3. Hi. I use the email block on few of our NJ101-9020 controllers to send out daily reports or any status updates. Recently the PLC's started an unknown issue and fails to send email out anymore. I use the Mail_Send function block from Omron to send emails. The only Error ID i can get is 2005, with status being "Connection to SMTP" failed. Looking at the troubleshooting guide, i cannot find anything to do with error id 2005, in fact its missing. There is 2004 and 2006 but no 2005. I've tried all the obvious thing like, power cycle, redownload the whole project, create a new instance of Mail_Send function block etc. Nothing seems to have fixed this unknown issue. Our IT department did a full check on their side and nothing seems to be out of order. I can still remote into the PLC, so i dont know what exactly is the problem. Has anyone came across this error ID before? Any ideas why this might have been happening? It was working well until few weeks ago and nothing changed and this suddenly started. Any input is really appreciated. Thank you.