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  1. What brand is the chip into the S7-300 and 400s PLCs. Is it TI?
  2. Plastic optics

    Hello I have a project where I can use plastic optics fiber. The distance between the 2 Profibus DP participants (Simocode pro) is less than 50 meters and there will be 2 OBT. My questions are: 1. Do I need connecting adapter (6ES7195-1BE00-0XA0)? 2. Is it possible to connect the Simocode pro (which is in the same switch box as OBT) to OBT via terminals A and B (not via 9 pin plug)? (See the attached BMP) 3. Are there every thing needed in the tool set 6GK1901-0FB00-0AA0 for assembling plugs to plastic optics (6XV1821-0AH10) ? Where could I find an instruction for work with that tools set? 4. Is it possible to use the cable 6XV1821-0AH10 outdoor (protected in plastic tube from the sun and mechanical damages, but with ambient tempearture +50…-20°C? Best regards untitled.bmp
  3. Is there CX-One V 2.0?

    CX-One 2.0 - Improved graphical configuration Omron’s successful CX-One software continues to offer improved functionality to further simplify the task of machine automation. Targeted primarily to satisfy the demanding requests of OEM machine builders, this new version, V 2.0, offers major improvements in 2 key areas: • graphical system overview and • increased software integration. As machines now use more and more advanced programmable devices and distributed control architectures to meet customers’ requirements, the biggest issue is how to manage these systems? It is becoming increasingly common that 20-30 programmable or configurable devices are used on machines. Are you confident that anyone in your company can program your machine and ensure that the correct versions of all files and programs will be used? With Omron‘s CX-One software, you can be! Graphical System Overview One software To further simplify the development and programming of machines, CX-One displays the automation system of your machine or line in a graphical format. This unique and easy-to-use overview enables users to easily design a modular automation system. Project file management Part of this easy-to-use Graphical System Overview is increased file management functionality. This further simplifies the saving and restoring of program and configuration files for your system, so not only are all files automatically saved in a commonly used defined directory, but the file names and detailed information are clearly displayed on the screen. The benefit Easier saving and opening of the latest correct program or configuration file for each device. This will lead to a reduction in common errors caused during machine development, or building repeat machines, by using the incorrect versions of files and programs. With CX-One software almost anyone in your company – from mechanical engineers to software developers – can load the correct programs and configurations into a machine, either during buildup, commissioning or during on-site servicing. Common simulation engine for PLC and HMI To provide additional benefits for the integration of software, CX-One now allows the common simulation of PLC and HMI programs. The off-line simulation of PLC programs, which has been available for many years with Omron using CX-Simulator, allows the PLC program to be tested and debugged without connecting to a real PLC. Now it is possible to simulate both the PLC and HMI program together on a single computer and, for example, when inputs are activated on the simulated HMI application these are read by the simulated PLC. The benefit This common simulation improves the efficiency of development or modifying your automation system programming. Increased software integration Sharing tags between software packages With over 70% of PLCs now connected with an HMI terminal the biggest issue is the time and effort needed to correctly program, document and maintain the software for the system, and therefore ensure all devices use the same tag points. With CX-One, one simple drag & drop operation shares the PLC tags information directly between PLC and HMI projects, therefore allowing a more efficient development of the HMI program. The benefit This time-consuming operation tends to errors that typically result in extended commissioning time and increased on-site costs. New features and benefits: • Graphical system overview • Improved file management • Tag sharing • Common simulation
  4. Internet remote control?

    Hello. 1. Is CX-supervisor capable for internet remote control. I need something like the WinCC/webnavigator. 2. Can I check, debug and reprogram my PLC remotly throuh internet? Regards.
  5. A timer for NS PT

    Yes, I already did it. It works great
  6. A timer for NS PT

    Hello. I've prepared some sort of presentation and uploaded to a NS8 PT. There are 15 powerpoint slides converted to jpg files. I'd like to change them every 1 minute. How can I do that without using a PLC? I've cheked the PT macros, but there is no a timer function. I thought about the internal RTC. What would you advice me? bye
  7. Need for speed?

    We have 4 K3HB communicating to a SCU (RS485). The speed is 38400 bps. Now, we have 1 / 38400 * 10 = 260us for transfering a byte. The packet is about 20 bytes which makes about 5ms. 5ms * 4 K3HB devices should give 20 ms. But the practise shows something different - 7-8 readings for 1s??? How can we achieve that 20 ms?
  8. Devicenet

    Hello. I'd like to make a simple Devicenet network with a CJ1W-DRM21 and two weight digital panel meters K3HB-DRT. I want to read the comparative set values L, LL, H, HH, change them, do some taring from time to time. The problem is that I can not understand where theese values are located. Are they on my PLC CIO memory or DM memory and where exactly. I have CX-One with CX-integrator. Can I do all the settings through CX-integrator? I find the the DRM21 software switches and settings a little bit confusing. With a DRT2-OD16 outputs for example is easy: 1. I insert a devicenet in the integrator 2. Insert DRM21 3. Insert DRT2-OD16. 4. Drag the DRT2-OD1 and drop it on the DRM21 5. The outputs are automatically allocated on adress CIO 3200. When I do that with the K3HB, the integrator reserves one word for Input and two words for Outputs. What are these inputs and outputs for? Where are the comparative set values adresses? How to read and change them? Thanks in advance
  9. A Problem With A Dosing Machine.

    Hello. Last week I did a dosing machine project, using a ZEN and two K3HB-VLC weight panel meters (because there are two weighters). The machine is dosing ammonium nitrate very fast - a 50 kg sack for 5 sec. The problem is that the client wants to see the actual measured weight displayed on the panel meters. I tuned the panel meters to empty the weighters when reaching the L level on 49.60 kg. There are 0.40 kg on fly when closing the valve, so the total weight is 50 kg exactly. The client wants to see 50 kg on the display, but I can't see a way to do that. And the high speed dosing is very importnat. Can you help me please. Regards