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  1. If there is a jumper, I haven't located it. I looked over the 1747-L30 Installation and Operation Manual and did not see any reference to a jumper for read-write functions.
  2. I have a 1747-L30B SLC Brick and it is set to load from EEPROM on boot S:5/8, Error S:1/10, and Run S:1/12. I need to make changes to the program and then store it to EEPROM via "Comms>EEPROM>Store to EEPROM."  When I attempt to store the program with changes, it displays the message "Insufficient Memory Module Size." I assumed the EEPROM memory was maxed out, but I also uploaded the existing program currently stored to EEPROM, made no changes, and attempted storing it back to EEPROM and received the same message. Any advice?
  3. I have a.cli file running on a machine that was saved to a different name than what it was in FTView when being developed. Can a .cli file be converted into a .apa file so that I can edit it again in FTView?
  4. I'm not quite understanding the difference between the "Station Number" and the "Panel Station Number" in the C-More software. My C-More is current set up just like your screenshot, and my SLC is set to node 1. What setting should be changed on the C-More if I leave all the SLC settings as is? And what should the setting be changes to?      
  5. I am using a generic UIC. Not sure who purchased it or exactly when, but from my research I see that others were having issues with the generic UIC versions "seeing" the network. To "pturmel"... thanks for the response. The C-more literature states that their panel Channel Number needs to match the SLC node number, and they do. When you say change the node number in RSLinx, do you mean the "Station" number next to the Comm port?
  6. Hey guys, I finally got the chance to install the two 1747-AICs on the machine. Everything is connected per the wiring diagram (by Ken Roach). 1747-AIC #1: connected directly to the SLC via 1747-C11 cable 1747-AIC #2: connected to 1747- AIC#1 via shielded cable I can connect my laptop and communicate online with the SLC (via RJ-45 ports) from either of the 1747-AIC's with no issues. If my laptop is connected to 1747-AIC #2 and online with the SLC and I attempt to plug the HMI cable into 1747-AIC #1, the HMI begins communicating online with the SLC, but severs my laptop connection with the SLC.  With my laptop disconnected from the AIC's, the HMI will operate when connected to 1747-AIC #1, but when the HMI is connected to 1747-AIC #2 it will not connect to the SLC. SLC Channel 1: Node 1 C-More: Station: 1 Any suggestions of why there is a communications problem?    
  7. Thanks, Ken. Is there any additional setup or configuration required other than channel 1 on the slc to DH485?
  8. The cable wiring and pinout connected from the HMI to the SLC 5/03 is on pg. 23 here:https://cdn.automationdirect.com/static/manuals/ea9userm/ch6.pdf
  9. Ken, we have an Automation Direct EA9-T10CL+13Y19B054 HMI #1.Pinout is available here (pg. 27) https://cdn.automationdirect.com/static/manuals/ea9userm/ch2.pdf There ia a cable connected to Port 1 on the HMI to the DH485 port on the SLC. There is another Automation Direct EA9-TCL+14215B083 HMI #2 connected to the Ethernet port of the HMI #1 listed above. HMI #2 is set up as a pass through panel. Then they have the RS 232 port on the SLC set up as an ASCII port and connected to a message board. I do have a 1747-UIC. We have to disconnect the DH 485 port cable from the SLC, plug the 1747-UIC back into that port... reconfigure the RS-232 port in the SLC software, unplug the 1747-UIC from the SLC DH-485 port, plug the HMI #1 cable back into the SLC 485 port, then plug our PC into the SLC RS232 port so that we can run the HMI's and access the SLC program at the same time. Then reverse the process when we are done. I contacted Automation Direct Tech Support, and they said it was not possible to access the SLC by connecting through the HMI. I appreciate any assistance you can provide.
  10. I did a little research... looks like I'll need two (as you stated in your post) Is there any programming literature for setting these up with the slc?... I haven't found anything useful yet.
  11. I'm not familiar with the implementation of this coupler... since the HMI is already connected to the RJ45 DH485 on the SLC, would only one 1747-AIC be required for connecting a laptop?
  12. I have an AB 5/03 processor connected to an Automation Direct HMI via the DH485 port. The serial port is being used to send ASCII messages to an LED display board. It's a giant hassle to connect to the plc with a pc and run the HMI at the same time due to having to reconfigure the serial port every time one wants to do so. What would be the best way to connect the HMI and a PC via the DH 485 port so that the plc program can be monitored and accessed at the same the HMI is operating and connected?