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I have a.cli file running on a machine that was saved to a different name than what it was in FTView when being developed. Can a .cli file be converted into a .apa file so that I can edit it again in FTView?

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I could be mistaken in my advice, but here goes.

The *.cli file is for starting a Factory Talk View Site Edition Project in Client Mode so you can view it.

The *.apa file is an Archive File of a Factory Talk View Machine Edition Project.

If you look on the development system under C:\Users\Public\Public Documents you should find am RSView Enterprise folder.

It could have both ME and SE subfolders.  

You should find the project which matches your *.cli file in the SE\HMI projects folder.

Now getting that back into Site Edition so you can edit it is magic beyond my experience.

But others here may be able to help.

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@BobLfoot is correct; the .apa file extension is an archive (backup) file and not meant for editing. I don't know of any what to even open a .apa; you can only restore it to a .sed. Speaking of which, what you want to do is use the FactoryTalk Distributed Application Manager to restore the .cli (client) file to a .sed (Site Edition Development) file. 

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