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  1. Change Subnet On CP1L PLC

    @photovoltaic im sorry the ip addresses I gave were just examples, prior to me reading what @IO_Rack shared I didn't realize there was lot more to each value of an ip address. So the exact values I am using are subnet mask
  2. Change Subnet On CP1L PLC

    Thank you for the replies! So I ended up finding the issue but not the remedy. So the fault light appears when the subnet mask is changed from to I was able to change the ip address to a different subnet which answers my first question, but still no success with the subnet mask. @photovoltaic if you would like to give that a try and let me know if you get the same results. I am going to look in further detail why the eip card does not like changing to a different subnet mask. I do need it on this mask in order to integrate it to the network. Basically why I was getting faulty results from changing the subnet was because i was also changing the subnet mask. So when I left the subnet mask alone( I was able to change the ip subnet to whatever desired.  Found on a manual:
  3. Change Subnet On CP1L PLC

    it's a CP1L-EM40DR-D
  4. Change Subnet On CP1L PLC

    I am trying to change the subnet of this CP1L plc. Currently it is at 192.168.250.*** and I would like to change it to 192.168.54.***. I already tried starting fresh by writing to the controller with ip and then putting my desired ip address after. When I try to write to the controller with a subnet other than .250 for example, the controller saves the node address(.13) but keeps the same .250 subnet which results in me being able to ping successfully but get no response from pinging Yes I did change my local network card when pinging different subnets and also did a network reset in CX-P after every ip change. Let me know if there is anything I am missing!! 
  5. As the industry of plc and scada softwares continue to integrate more and more programming languages into their IDE, what is the most common language that should be learned by controls engineers (excluding Ladder Logic)?  I mainly use Python and VB for scripting but I am curious what languages other SCADA and PLC programming environments use. Should I be sticking to a specific language and learning it well or just know a little bit of them all? Let me know your thoughts!!
  6. Same E_SYS_999 but different 'At'. I fixed the problem by going back to my global subroutines page and removed one of duplicate IF statements. Before after This cleared the exception which leads me to think that this vague system message could mean a whole lot, although scripts would be my first choice.