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  1. robot omron

      roboDK it records the movement of the robot and then outputs the HTML file. what I want is to be able to observe the robot's movement directly. thank
  2. robot omron

    hi  i am working with omron i4l and TM12 robot. exactly i need to display the robot's movement coordinates to the web.
  3. robot omron

    hi everyone   i want to observe real time robot movement on web using tcp but i don't know how. can anyone guide me? thanks
  4. Omron PLC PID Control (CX-Programmer)

    hi  can you give me documents of the pid control 
  5. robot omron i4

    plc nx1p2 9024dt.   I want to move the robot to pick and place
  6. Hello everyone I'm trying to measure the size of an object 20mm long with an error of +-0.05mm. then which camera of omron should i choose and how to calibrate it to get the most accurate measurement. What is the formula for calculating the measurement error of the camera? Thanks
  7. robot omron i4

    hi everyone i am wanting to connect PLC to I4L via tcp/ip. However, the documentation was not found. If someone has already done it please guide me.
  8. website online robot 3D

    thank you very much. In the process of implementation, if there is any difficulty, please help me
  9. website online robot 3D

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience Can you show me how to create an html file like yours? How do I replace the robot's axis coordinates when I already have them on the server?
  10. robot omron i4l ePLC

    Hello everyone I want to program omron's i4l robot that connects to PLC via ePLC, is it possible? If there is any document or sample program please let me know. thanks
  11. website online robot 3D

    can use 1 simulation software other than ACE
  12. website online robot 3D

    Hi panic mode I want to have the link with the actual robot. For example, if the real robot moves, can the online robot do the same move? If so, how can you provide detailed instructions? Thanks
  13. website online robot 3D

    Hi crossbow   I only need to simulate on the web in online form, which means that I am running the robot, the simulated robot must also run the same. It's like 3D simulation on ACE, not video recording.
  14. website online robot 3D

    i use  2:13ĐANG PHÁT Omron's Adept Hornet 565
  15. Hello I want to watch the robot operate in 3D online on the website, can I do it? Normally I use 3D simulation but only offline. I want to push to the website. Thank you