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  1. S7-300 MPI & Ethernet connection

    Hey all,   long time without posting, I don't know if i'm writing in the right place.   I have some old PLCs S7-300 ( and a couple of S7-200) that I would connect to the same general network in order to see all data from a general SCADA (I'm thinking about Ignition but could be WinCC etc).   First problem is that few of them don't have an Ethernet Card (still old MPI) and I'm searching for a converter. I've found something on internet that I could install, probably no big issues on this side.   Main problem is that others have an Ethernet connection but they are programmed to work on their own network (indipendent machine) and I couldn't change all IP addresses. I need probably a Gateway (eWon??) but I would understand better how it works. Any suggestion?   Thank you in advance for your help!!
  2. Ignition - any review?

    Thank you everybody for helpful suggestions. We are probably going to try it nex months, so I let you know by myself too! Anyway I already installed Demo mode on my linux OS and it works good!
  3. Ignition - any review?

    Hi there, I heard about "Ignition" as new kind of modern multiplatform SCADA. It is web based, it looks interesting, easy to use and strictly connected with DB/MES world. But I had since now a feedback of people using it. Anybody has any kind of experience on it? What do you think about it? Thanks in advance.
  4. GPRS router

    Hello everybody, I'm not sure about the correct section but I try to ask you something. I'm using a system with a GPRS router ( with a SIM, VPN, dynDNS, etc.) Actually this modem is not working well, sometimes it disconnects and it's not able to disconnect. Moreover sometimes services like VPN, after 2-3 weeks of uptime fails and they doesn't work. So actually I'm searching for another product, better industrial one. I would like something not too expensive ( i paid the actual one about 150-200 dollars). Any suggestion? I need the ethernet port because my PLC is communicating with a server with a TCP protocol. Thank you in advance!! Regards Valerio
  5. ETN21 and barcode reader

    i found this on the net seems interesting except that i have some errors compiling and the fact that i just need to read, not write anyone used this example? thanks
  6. ETN21 and barcode reader

    Hi there, Actually I'm using an Omron V500 reader in serial to a SCU board. I would like to use it in Ethernet. I have a ETN21 and a Moxa NPORT 5110 Serial-TCP Server. Actually I have a trigger, I enable the reading and I wait in the SCU serial port the message from reader. I want to do the same, but waiting the answer in a ETN21 socket . I would like to understand how it works , if you have suggestions and it there are FB just for reading, keeping opened the socket. Another question is how to simulate from a PC the traffic of Reader ( send TCP packet ) because I have not the reader here and I would like to test program ( i just have the ETN21) Thank you in advance! Regards
  7. Citect animation

    Hi Mark, you could try to use a Rectangle instead of a Button, mouse up properties still remains the same, but you can fill with different colour. Bye
  8. SQL-Tagwrite Citect

    Hi there, upgrading version from 5.2 there is a new system to use "Variable Tags". Now you have to declare first a cluster and then relatives tags. It's not just load 5.2 to 7.2 version. I hope this helps! Bye
  9. Hi there, I try to explain my strange problem. In a machine we have a CJ1M PLC + ETN21 + SCU21 + many Digital I/O. 2 Omron Barcode Readers ( V500 ) are connected to SCU21. The first with standard RS232 ( less the 10 meters), the second using 2 RS232-485 converter ( galvanic separation included). We have other 2 barcode readers connected to a serialToEthernet server (Moxa) and the 2 serial ports of CPU connected to other 2 serialToEthernet server (Moxa). The plant was working good for 2 years but in the last 3 months we burnt 4 SCU21 input ( sometimes from first scanner, sometimes from the second one). We tried to put a input filter on PLC power supplier ( PA202), we tried to disconnect ground in the connector from cable coming from readers. The strange thing is that only the SCU21 have problem. We bought other 2 SCU21, we tried to keep one reader in one and the second in the other one. Actually we are thinking that the problem can be on ground coming to PLC power supplier ( and thinking that SCU21 is more sensible to net problems...) But we have last input avaiable on the SCU, we will try in this way, keeping floating tension on PLC power supplier. But we have also to think to a solution for the future if also this try goes wrong. I'm thinking to connect the 2 readers to other 2 serialToEthernet server (Moxa) and eliminate the SCU21. We actually have an ETN21 and we know that we can use sockets connection can we do?? We still keep the hardware triggering to start barcode reading. But we never tried that before, is just a Send-Receive connection?? Any advide/suggestion/example? Thank you very much!! Valerio
  10. Omron and Motorola MS3207 Barcode Scanner

    Hi there, is there any way to program the scanner and use it without to send a string? Probably is better to work like V500, always waiting string, not sending, just triggering reader with hardware input. If you have to send a trigger string you need of course the command list from motorola.
  11. Connect two CPU CJ2M

    Thank you very much! I already did this kind of connection in the past between two ETN21 but I was thinking that CJ2M onboard ethernet is not equivalent to ETN21. Is it??Any difference?? Thanks again! *** edit *** I've seen that onboard ethernet does not support socket opening, that's the difference I read about in the past
  12. Connect two CPU CJ2M

    Hi there, I have a question for you all. Is it possible to create an ethernet connection between 2 CPU CJ2M through their onboard ethernet card? I would like to share some DM words between the 2 CPUs. Thanks! Valerio
  13. V1000 and CJ2M

    thank you very much for this information, I think I'll use SCU for this application!!
  14. V1000 and CJ2M

    What you mean by that? Do I need a special EtherNet/IP card on V1000 in this configuration? And with CIF01 on CJ2M is possible to do something? Actually is the way I would like to work. By now I try to check your file.! thank you! Valerio
  15. V1000 and CJ2M

    Hi there, I'm buying a new CJ2M and I have to command 3 V1000 drivers. The cheaper solution is to buy a serial for CJ2M and connect it to V1000 in Modbus. But I know that I have to write lot of software because there are not FB as in the system "CJ1M + SCU+ V1000" Is it true? Anyone has a suggestion? It's better to buy a SCU for this system too or there are any FB already done for this kind of application? Thanks a lot in advance