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  1. CCW V13.0

    OS Windows 10 RsLinx: 4.20.00 cpr 9 sr 12
  2. CCW V13.0

      Thank you for your answer. I tried use your procedure, but if i open ( OPC Core Components Redistributable (x64) 3.00.108.msi ) i have only option" Repair or Remove or Cancel..  I did use "Repair" and after repairing nothing did happen.  I did try restart PC and open CCW again after restart, but that problem is still same. ( installed is version 0, required version 101 ).
  3. CCW V13.0

    I had same issue in version 12, i tried reinstall ( nothing did happen ). I installed V13 and this issue is still same.
  4. CCW V13.0

    Hi, I have a little issue with CCW V 13. Whenever i open CCW , during the opening software popped up this window ( see attachment ). Does anybody know how can i resolve this problem ? Zdrojový text
  5. CCW Developer and Developer ESD

    Hi, i would like purchasing a CCW Developer edition but our distributor send me quotation for 2 versions. CCW Developer Edition and CCW Developer ESD  CCW Developer Version is known bud what is the CCW Developer ESD ? What is a difference between us?   Many thanks. 
  6. SLC500->1747-AIC->PV800

    Hi all.i need an a advice.I use PV800 -T4T or T7T ( to a replace for an old PV550 ).But I have a problem " create communication with PLC throught 1747-AIC.I use DH485 protocol to comm ( PLC is SLC 5/04 and 5/03 ). If i connect the HMI to directly to PLC, everything is OK ( comm is good, data is sending/recieving ), but if i connect the HMI throught the 1747-AIC modules ( these module is neccessary for DH485 comm throught the line ), communications is lost.All cables is original AB, only one cable i must connect directly ( wire -> pin on a connector , but this cable is correctly function if i directly connect to Dh485 port on a PLC without 1747-AIC ),I would like " resolved" this problem, but i dont know how, I tried a several connections ( change pins to a connectors ) but nothing gonna happened. ( may i haven´t had "lucky" to find correct connections )Did somebody tried resolve this problem ?SLC 500 -> 1747-AIC -> 1747-AIC -> PV800
  7. Hi, Our supplier told me" CLX L32e is out of date ", and i must confirmed it is possible replaced it to a new model from new Logix Family ( L30,L33,L36 ).  So, replacing PLC processor is not problem, but the problem ( what i see ) is communicating with the several HMI's in the production line. ( I think, the count is a 6 HMI's ). Original comms is throught the serial port (dh485), but the new Logix PLC's doesn't have a serial port, only two Ethernet ports and USB. So, question. How can i communicate between L33ER with the PV550 ( throught to DH485 line ). Replace all's HMI PV550 is very cost for this time
  8. 2080-LC30-24QWB - firmware download failed

    Very important information!       If you have a Micro 830 and 850 manufactured before April 2015, you'll never try updating firmware to a version greather than the CPU original version.       I did try updated my Micro 830 to a new firmware, but during the updating that plc went to a fault mode and stay still the fault mode.       I tried resolve this problem throught the Rockwell - TechConnect, but they said me "that plc is corrupted, replace to a new one".
  9. 2080-LC30-24QWB - firmware download failed

    So, I solve this problem with the Rockwell Automation Tech Support. They did send me answer, what i wanted: QA43706.   https://rockwellautomation.custhelp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1085604
  10. 2080-LC30-24QWB - firmware download failed

    @BobLfoot I had PC powered from AC power,  screen  saver was a off. Micro 830 have only USB or Serial ( DF1 ) port.  What i remember is: ControlFlash ( after sended a several data from PC to PLC ) wanted restart the PLC. And from this moment I have had  blink "Fault" LED and I don´t find any solution for this situation until now. Does this PLC have a posibility to hard restart or hard reset ?
  11. Hi all,I have problem with this PLC.I have Micro 830 ( 2080-LC30-24QWB series A ).Yesterday i tried download PLC code in to the PLC,CCW wanted to upgrade firmware on this PLC,I did chose - OK,Original FW was 6I chose a new : 12During the process "downloading firmware" CCW in the half proces CCW freeze and showed me "connection failure" and after this failure CCW show me loss communication with the PLC.If i tried repeat this process CCW showed me fault -- "can´t connect to the PLC", then i did try " disconnect power, wait a half hour and connect power again " to the PLC.After i connect the power i have same status " Flashing Fault LED".RsLinx see this PLC only through VBP-1 , and if i "click" to + on the station, nothing found..I try use ControlFlash (v15.04) to re-flash firmware, but if i chose a correct type of PLC "2080-LC30-24QWB/A" and chose direct way to the PLC via RsLinx -> VBP-1 -> 08.Micro 830, ControlFlash showed me " device is different, please chose a correct device"( i tried chose 2080-LC30-24QWB and 2080-LC30- 24QWB/B -i have same fault - device is different, please chose a correct device" )I think, my PLC is "Bricked" but i don´t know, how can i "Unbrick".Does anyone know, what is the better solution for this fault?I found a several similarly situation, but nothing helped me.CCW - 13.00RsLinx - 4.20.00 - CPR 9 SR 12.0ControlFlash - 15.04Note: I tried use a DF1 port ( cable 1761-CBL-PM02 ), but if i connect to the RS232 port in the PC, nothing gonna happen.DeviceManager dont showed me any info for new device on COM port.The only one way, where my PC react to the connected device ( my PLC ) is only throught USB cable.I would be very grateful for any help.