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  1. Read port A1 IP address

    Thanks guys. My Google did not return that result. I might not have feed it with the same research. The link you (BobLfoot) posted propose the same answer as Joe E's link but the download links are broken. Thanks again, I will try this on my next visit onsite.
  2. Hi everybody,   I am using a 5069-L306ER CompactLogix controller with LogicStudio 5000 V30.   To make a long story short I have to modify an existing system for new needs. During the transition, there will be shifts between the original system and the modified one. On the modified system a few digital inputs won’t be used anymore. The IP address of port A1 will not be the same also. What I would like to do is read the IP address of port A1 from inside the PLC program in order to ignore or take into account the digital inputs. This way I won’t need to download modifications every time but only change the IP address.   I searched around how to read the IP address of port A1 but cannot find how. I thought it would be an easy thing to do since the IP addresses of both ports are scrolling on the CPU display. I went around all the options available in the GSV instruction but it does not seem to return that information.   Would you have any clue how to read the IP address of CPU’s port A1?   Cheers