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Hi everyone,


I am currently programming a machine using a Compact GuardLogix 5380, PanelView 5310, and a Festo drive. I am using the tag based alarm in the PLC.

I would like to know if there is a way to read in the PLC when the acknowledge button is pressed in the HMI? I added the HMI in the I/O configuration of the PLC. It adds a tag with two Booleans. I looked up creating a XIO in a routine if I could read the acknowledgement on a tag such as ::THIS.@AlarmSet…. But the only Boolean available indicates if there is unacked alarms. Why do I want to do this? I am using a Festo drive. In the exchange table there is a fault active bit and a reset drive bit. If there is a fault on the drive I want to raise an alarm and acknowledge it in the drive at the same time as the acknowledge button is pressed on the HMI.


Similarly, is there a way to read from the PLC the login level or user active on the HMI? I remember it was possible to read the active page number. It was even possible to open a page by giving its number to a tag.


Any clue would be appreciated. Cheers.

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Hi Fab,

to read the active user in your HMI I suggest to use macro in Runtime security menu. i.e. create a DINT and assign a number for each user. Your macro need to write the number that correspond to user in this DINT.

To read the login level, use Function - CurrentUserHasCode(letter) in your macro. i.e.  If CurrentUserHasCode( A )  Then 1  Else  If CurrentUserHasCode( B ) Then 2 .... and so on

You can create one macro that set 2 tag in your plc. One for user, next for login level.

Global connections allow many data exchange but there is nothing regarding user and login level.


Concerning the alarm ack button. I'm not sure I understand excatly what you need. The is few connection in Alarm Setup --> Optional trigger connections


I hope I help a little.

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